Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Milagros(miracles) en San Ignacio

Good Day!

I am just going to acknowlege this right now as I am starting that I don´t have much time because I got caught up in putting pictures up for all yall. I know, I don´t have any pictures of my compañero yet. I will make sure we get some of that next week. I live in a pension of 4 Elders right now. Me, Elder Wixom, Elder Leany, and Elder Daybell. Riverton, St. George, Kearns, and Virginia, respectively. They are all awesome Elders and I am definitely seeing a change in the work because they all have super good attitudes of the work.

Ah man, this week was super good and I super wish that I could just share every bit of it with you because we have seen so many miracles! Most of them take place in the streets when we do our "abre la bocas"(open the mouth, the expectations are that we get 10 a day for each elder in the companionship). We don´t ride bikes anymore( Colonia Bombal is the only area in the mission that is permitted to have bikes) so it is a lot easier to do our ALB´s, and it sure brings a lot of success when you can master those. It has sure been a testimony boost when you see the results of exact obedience. Elder Wixom is the biggest capo(stud) and teaches me so much! He has been out for like 10 months.

That is way cool to see that letter from Elder Hudgen´s mom. That is way nice that she would say that. Elder Hudgens and I got along very well and we both taught each other a bundle of things no doubt. He will definitely be one that I keep in touch with, if not good friends after the mish.

I have not yet received a package. I really like Mallory´s picture that she drew. Ha ha. You should keep doing that, I love seeing visuals from the family and friends. Ha. I am glad she is getting better and I will make sure to pray specfically for Pops so he can get better.

Thanks for everything! Keep the prayers coming this way and Ill make sure that they are going your way also. Love you!

Elder Larisch

La Iglesia es Verdadera!
The district that I left behind in Colonia Bombal...

The stud companion(trainer) E. Hudgens and the pension that I left behind...

First Buzz cut ever!!!  Aunt Kim I had too... cause it is stinkin hot here!!

This shows just how stinkin hot it is here!!  Kinda gross!!  Ha 
How many more days till winter??
Con Cariño,

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