Monday, March 12, 2012

Me Quedo (I remain)

¡Bueeeeeen Diiiiiiiia!

Another amazing week in the misión. We finally were able to baptize Agustín. The ward is really tough to get to come to things(or they will just come super late because it is just the Argentine way), so we only had a few at the baptism. Agustín was even able to bring a few friends that are now some of our new investigators. We have been praying a lot for Geronimo(padrastro) to come over his fears and doubts and gain some faith and just get baptized. He wasn`t able to make it to Agustín´s confirmation because he had a "headache" are going to have to be telling him of the importance of these commitments. Chiquita is doing very well. We haven´t gotten to see her much because her husband has been home a lot this week(he no like), but we were able to chat with her at church and she is super excited to receive her patriarchal blessing soon. Irma is starting to progress a lot because we were finally able to get a sit down lesson in her house and teach her the Restauración. Daniel still needs a bit of work because he never has time for a lesson but he is still keeping commitments, so I´ll give him a thumbs up for now!

The big news and the title today is that we just found out about transfers(Christmas) and...........¡ME QUEDO! For all those who are reading this and do not know or have a clue what that means, it means that I am lucky to stay here in San Ignacio. I am actually really happy because we are going to have some super success this next transfer with all the peoples that we have prepared this past transfer! Elder Wixom is going to be a District Leader too, so that will be fun. The original news was that E´ Leany was leaving to Maipú Zone and that E´ Daybell was going to be able to train, but he just recently received a call saying that there was complications with his new baby coming in from the MTC, so he is going to be put with a mini-missionary(I am still not quite sure of the true meaning of that, could just be a small sé). Should be fun. I really want to train soon so I am hoping that next transfer I will get that opportunity!

Bad news= We still have not received our fundas(cases for scriptures) but for sure tomorrow...

There are certain traditions in the mission. For the 6 month mark, the missionary must burn a tie. We surely did not have any time during the week to do it so we will be using a bit of time later today to take care of that business and next week I will give you an update on how it went

Well, what a week, we have Lexi and her Sweet 16 and the Padres have their anniversary comin up. ¡Happy Birthday Luberta! If/when you get an Iphone, make sure you don´t spend all your time playing angry birds.

I like the pics! All of the other Elders can definitely see that Dad is a big goof. Oh yeah, and I was able to talk to a couple people this week that are really big into biking here and they were telling me that they have some pretty big races here. You should come here and do some races sometime...jaja.

Last week was a big dud and didn´t have time to do too much so we just went and ponged it for the time remaining because we didn´t have enough time to go to a bodega. Today we are going to go to Tinacas, which is supposedly a souper good buffet and I am very sure that it will be very satisfying. Hopefully we will have time after to go to a Bodega or the Alpargata factory or somethin.

You could put maple syrup and Andes mints(they don´t have them here even though I live right next to the Andes Mts!) on the list for the next package if ya want... :1
Mal- That is so awesome that you are reading a lot! Your hair looked really long in the picture and it looks like you are growing up too fast. Are you still the queen of the house? What do you and your friends do at recess? Love you too
Boogs- Make sure you keep an eye on Luberta while she dates all these boys in the next few days. The movie The Lorax seems like a really good movie. I always liked the book. Take putt on a few walks once in a while. Love
Putt- Take care of the girls for me. Don´t have too many treats or else you will get sick. Don´t poop in the living room. Love
Luberta- Have fun datin when you finally turn 16. Listen to all of the counsel that Dad gives you because he knows everything about dating. I would recommend that you even take him with you on the first few just so you can get used to dating. Love
Pops- Nope, the weather here is still pretty unbearable. For some reason it got super humid here(more than ever before), so we were dying out in the streets(especially out in the middle of the siesta at like 5). Love
Ma- Love
Pics= Agustín´s Baptism and cool culturistic wall art that is just everywhere in the city. I have a few more sites that I will see if it will be safe to pull out my cam and snap a few more.

Keep the missionaries in your prayers!

Con Cariño,

Elder Larisch

La Iglesia es verdadera
 Baptism of Agustin
 cool artwork in the city