Tuesday, March 27, 2012

¿Pueden creer que ya está tiempo de la Conferencia General?( Can you believe it is already time for the General Conference?)

Hello loved ones!

Sorry for such an inconvencience of sending the email one day late. It turns out that our P-day got switched to Tuesday this week because our interviews with Presidente Ávila got moved to yesterday. Funny story, we were supposed to have our interviews at 2:00 sharp at the mission offices, but we basically ended up having them 11 hours later due to prolonged interviews before us. I did my interview at the crack of midnight and it went a little long because I had a few good questions that I needed help with. After, Elder Wixom(my comp) still had to have his interview, so president decided it would work out best for all of us if he took us to our pension and interviewed E´ Wixom in the car. Ha ha. Presidente Ávila is one of the hardest working, helpful, spiritual, and all kinds of other godly attributes type of men. There really is only a handful of people in the world that can do some of the things that mission presidents can do.

We have had such a good week out here in the mission field. I feel like I grow in knowledge so much just for being out here. God definitely has more of a purpose for missionaries in His service than most missionaries may think. I have been amazed by some of the things that have come to pass right in front of our eyes. The more I have been looking out and trying to be more sensative of noticing daily miracles, the more God offers them. My testimony on prayer, hard work, the scriptures, and the words of modern prophets and men of God have really had ALL the effect in my increased faith and perserverance out here. The mission life is super hard and all the time it feels like everything is just going wrong, but those moments are only the best parts of your mission because you know that those moments only give you more of a chance to grow and turn your weaknesses into strengths.

After the drought of not having investigators at church for a few weeks, Irma shows up for sacrament meeting. With her, we did all that we could that was in our hands, then a little more. A quote that has helped me attain success is that when you have come to the point where you have done all that you can do; you are exhausted, you are frustrated, but God expects that we put in a bit more. 110% can change everything. Sports coaches are right. Irma is commited to come to Conferencia General this weekend and she is super excited to see modern day prophets of God speaking it that God need to tell us in these days. There are a couple other investigators that should be getting baptized in the next couple weeks like Agostina(15), Rosío(10), Lautaro(16), and Franco(16). These are some kids that we have been teaching that are friends of Agostín, that we bapized a few weeks ago. The next step for us right now is to get in contact with their families...and baptize them too!!! We even have a couple more investigators that may be coming to Conferencia General with us this weekend. How great would that be!

That is very sad news of a few passing aways in the family. I will keep these people and their families in my prayers.

That is fun that spring is finally starting over there in the other hemisphere. Here, it is finally starting to cool off. I am actually wearing my red sweater today and it is super good lookin!

We finally burned one of my ties this week for my cumple-seis-meses.

Hey, did you hear that General Conference was this weekend? Because it is. I don´t know if you all remember what goes on in General Conference, but if I remeber right it is when a prophet of God called to lead and guide us in the troubles in this day so that we in our families can be more unified and achieve that true and everlasting happiness that God desires for us. So don´t miss it. Prepare for it. Have questions ready so that they can get answered. I promise you that if you have a question, it will get answered. Maybe not in the next weekend, but as you ponder and pray and fast upon the words of living prophets, you will have the mysteries of God revealed unto you. That is a verse taken out of the Book of Elder Larisch(not true scripture), but I am sure that it says something of a sort in the true scriptures.

Keep me in your prayers. I send my love to all that read this and will receive it.

Con mucho amor,

Elder Larisch

La Iglesia es verdadera!