Tuesday, November 15, 2011

He's on his way...

Deven called us last night from Dallas and said that he is finally on his way!!  He sounded good but was pretty tired.  He said he had plenty of emotions that he was feeling but for the most part he was super excited to be heading to Argentina! He said that at the last minute one of the elders in his trio stayed back with some anxiety issues and might need to stay back for awhile. That was a part of the emotions that he was dealing with!  All the family got to talk to him which was great, but after Mallory talked to him she said he sounded sad, and that made her sad too, so we spent the remainder of the night going over how neat it is for him and the awesome experiences he will have.  The best part is getting out Danny's OLD mission pictures and letting her see a little of what Dev wil be experiencing!! 
Deven said it was quite wierd to have been in one place for 10 weeks and then getting on a plane going somewhere far away--he is going to fly all night and get to Argentina around 9:30 the next morning.  Then he said that they would probably get into a van and travel for 12 hours to get to Mendoza.  I can't wait to start hearing about some of the experiences that he will be having!!  Oh and by the way I did tell him that most of us who read this blog DON'T speak spanish so hopefully his emails will mostly be in English!!