Monday, December 19, 2011

No está comenzando a parecer como Navidad...pero es el qué dirán "no necesitamos nieva para tener un buen tiempo"...(It is starting to look like Christmas..but who says you need snow to have a good time)


How is everything going on back at home? We had a good week. Ya know what they say, "When in Rome." It is now acercando(closening) to Navidad and we are sweating bullets 24 horas en un día y 7 días en una semana! I can´t wait till Christmas thought it is going to be really good this year even though I can´t enjoy it back home with the fam. Christmas here is a montón(a lot) different than back at home. Here, it is just fiestas, fiestas, and some more fiestas. And there is going to be a lot of tomando(drinking) and fun stuff like that. Oh yeah, and fuegos artificiales(fireworks). There are a bunch of rules on how to stay safe as a missionary, like you can only go outside at certain times and you can´t wear missionary clothes. We are going to be at members houses for dinners and mormon fiestas too so no se preocupe mom. Today, we have planned as a district a little festivity. We are going to be playing a bunch of games and we have a secret santa thing and a white elephant party. I will have to send pics because it is going to be something to remember for sure!

I still keep showing the pictures of family to a lot of the families that I teach and they love it. I definitely need more pictures though, you should try and print out some good pictures of me playing ping pong and other ones with family and friends that I don´t already have. I just need more variety. Ha. That would be great. Oh yeah, and if you could send some CD´s next time of some good uplifting music artists. If you could send me a CD of The Lower Lights, that would be good, I like their stuff. Thanks

Hmm, let´s see. With the investigators this week, unfortunately we did not have anyone show up at church even though we got more or less a 137 compromisos(commitments). We had a zone fast on friday for people to get baptized this month so let´s wait and see what blessings are to come and be bestowed upon us. We have a few new families: La familia Quiero and la familia Zapata. They are going to definitely have some potencial in the near future, they may have a good desire to learn more.

Elder Hudgens almost got mauled by a beardog, but unfortunately he escaped. So much for a good story...

Oh, and I gave my first discurso in Castellano yesterday which was pretty cool. They told us that we were speaking about an hour before Sacrament meeting so...we had to rush-prepare. It went really good. I talked for 10-15 minutes about how charity and service are one and how they can be more charitable and serviceful this Christmas Season.

I got my first hair cut by a ward member who had just got her hair cutting license thing. She did okay...but the definite highlight of that trip was that she lost her tortuga(turtle) because she put it outside and ran away. Ha ha. I have never heard anything of this sort until now but it was really true. We looked for it for about a half hour with no luck at all. I think I want a pet tortuga when I go home...

Well this is about all the time I have to explain the mission life this time. Time for a good Spiritual thought Christmas style. Okay, here´s a new one: This Christmas season, look past the gifts and Santa Clause and focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

Ha ha. Okay, maybe that´s not the most unique Christmas thought I could ever give. But really, that is the most important thing that we need to remember. I love Jesus Christ and this time of year even though it does not feel the same here. One of the finding ideas that we have been putting through initiation is sharing Christmas thoughts and testifying of Christ. What an amazing opportunity it is to go and be able to tell people my feelings of Christ basically every single day. Since I do it everyday, I am throwing out this challenge to all that are within the radius to hear this. I hereby challenge YOU to go out to one of your non-member friends or less active friends(if you don´t have any, just go talk to the nearest person) and share a message of Christ. Let´s see if you have the will to do this small task.

Thanks for all of the prayers and support that I always feel coming my way. I hope that you can all have a wonderful Christmas season and watch "It´s a Wonderful Life" or something like that.

I have attached a few pics. But even better news I have just recently thrown an album together on your account @ so check it out. I hope Mallory likes it.

1. Zombie Dog

2. My Favorite Towel and future white elephant without the cropping

3. Our Goal for a White Christmas...

4. Baptism 1

5 Baptism 2 (Can´t remember if I sent these yet...l)

6 The other dumb dog that always comes to the pension begging for anything

7 Lexi´s best friend

8 Classy 1

9 Classy 2