Monday, September 3, 2012

Un nuevo traslado de entrenamiento (A new transfer of training)

Dear Familia,

It has just been a super crazy week with saying goodbye to families, picking up my new comp, and starting a whole new transfer. There is nothing better than big changes.

Yep, basically Monday and Tuesday were spent saying goodbyes to the families here in San Juan for Elder Wahl who is now is Mendoza. I actually just ended up taking a very early-morning bus with a few other Elders here in San Juan over to the offices on Wednesday morning to start the training. It was just a full-day capacitation, but at least we got paired up with our comps after lunch. I feel like I am very blessed to have Elder Johnson as a comp. I guess it´s not even a surprise anymore and you don´t even need to know that much because Presidente Ávila already emailed you all. Ha. Elder Johnson is from Hooper, Utah. Waiting for his Visa, he was sent to San Diego, Cali for one transfer (6 weeks). So actually, President told us to only do one transfer of the training program instead of two. He went to Freemont(yeah, he knows Kyle and some of his family, mom) and he graduated in 2010 like me. He threw shotput and discus(state champ in discus his senior year). Yeah, he is a pretty big guy so people are intidmidated by us in the streets. Ha. We actually have a lot more kids approach us and talk to us for some reason now. He is having a little difficulty with spanish, but he is an awesome elder that loves to work and has an awesome testimony. I already know that we are going to see more success this transfer because of his awesome attitude and work ethic. The transfer with him so far has not quite been too normal. We got back late on Thursday to clean the pench a bit, Friday was just planning all day long wih a couple appointments at night, Saturday we had a crazy event happen with one of the elders here so we had to take care of that without being able to do any work. Nevertheless, we were able to FINALLY get some people to church. Agostina and Nicolás were able to feel the spirit in the house of prayer. Later that day we had an awesome lesson with an ALB(street contact), Rosa and Jesús, so Elder Johnson got his first fechas bautismales(baptismal dates). He was pretty pumped after that because I guess in San Diego he wasn´t seeing very much success at all and they were getting very low numbers.

I am more stoked now that we have been getting a few of these people to church so that they can start preparing for baptism. We are working with some amazing people that have incredible stories and are definitely in need of the peace that the gospel can bring. Agostina and her family went to church. We are probably going to baptize her(10) and her brother Joel(8) the next Saturday. Nicolas(9), we are hoping that everything goes well for this Saturday. He just needs a bit more teaching and he will be ready. If not this Saturday we will definitely see him in white the next week. Rosa(50) and Jesús(21) just had their husband/dad pass away two weeks ago and they are really looking for something that is going to give them peace in this world and the world to come. Like I said, it was just an amazing lesson being reminded once again how the spirit works through the missionaries. Elder Johnson cannot speak well yet, but I definitely felt that burning feeling in my heart and I know that they did too. We are going to give them a tour of the chapel on Wednesday and they are scheduled to get baptized on the 22 of this month. We love miracles.

Oh my goodness, has that year passed me by already? I blinked and a whole year flashed right by me? What is this? I am going to start begging president for an extension if I know that this next year is going to shoot past me like that too. Ha. I don´t really have way too much planned to do to celebrate other that White Pants Saturday. Whatever else I do, I will be sure to inform you more the next upcoming week.

Well, instead of church next week, we get the awesome privilege of watching the dedication of the Buenos Aires Temple. We are going to watch it from satelite but we have to have our temple recomends because it is just going to be like going through a temple session. It is going to be quite the experience!

Spiritual Thought...taken from I like what it says a lot about how we can share the gospel because that is our focus right now, helping the members and giving them more ways to share the gospel. You can check out that scripture in the bible, I believe in one of the books of Timothy where it mentions being an example of the believers. Good stuff! Number one way to share the gospel!

LIVE YOUR RELIGION. A Latter-day Saint’s life is his or her best sermon. Our conversations ought to be open, genuine, and engaged in with a spirit of kindness. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are most believable when our actions are in harmony with our beliefs.

I hope that everything is awesome at home. Love y´all!
Un abracito para todos,
Elder Larisch
La iglesia es verdadera

That is awesome that dad just killed his old time! Tell Boogs that I will respond next week, but thanks for the letters(from both her and Luberta)
 Elder Wahl 
 My district