Monday, August 13, 2012

Trabajamos afúl (we work a ton)


Good day, how is everyone doing? I am doing pretty well here in Argentina. Just doin what I can ya know?

We had a really good week just working our butts off again. It is good to feel tired and super sore on P-day because you will know that you worked a ton. Ha. We had one of the traveling asistants to the pres come and work with us for few days this past week and he taught us some super good tips in teaching and helped us out with a few investigators. We have a lot that we are working with right now. The thing is that there is just too much hipocrisy and no one does what they say they are going to do... For example, we have really good investigators that have the desire to learn about the restored gospel. Fortunately and amazingly, we were able to commit 17 of these people to come to church; some with members, some with us, and some on their own. Unfortunately, after all of our efforts and the efforts of the members, dang Satanás had to come in and ruin everything by putting excuses into the minds of these good people. It was tough for us to see that, but we got some faith and hope for the next week.

We actually have some super good investigators though such as Adriana Peralta and a couple of her sisters, the famillia Gil, and Roberto Flores. We just gotta get more lessons with members and we will start to see more success.

There seems to be a problem with attaching pictures to emails on this computer so lamentably, you will have to wait till next week it looks like.

I think for P-day today we are just heading over to the church to play some pong and some cards and maybe write some letters or something. Líbano B(the other elders that work in our ward also) stayed the night at the pension because we had to plan an activity for next saturday. We have been in San Juan Centro all morning just wandering around. I asked the aerosol/spray painter guy to make me a custom art piece. I am going to pick it up next week because it was a little more complicated that just one of his normal works, so expect something awesome next week. Ha.

I love you all and hope that a good and safe week passes you by.
Un abracito,
Élder Larisch
La Iglesia es verdadera