Monday, August 6, 2012

¿Tengo veinte años ya? (I have twenty years already?)

Hey there...

Yeah, that doesn´t make me homesick at all looking at those pictures
of Lake Powell...ha ha. I hope you all had a good time and got back
safe and sound. That is crazy that dad actually threw up playin
punishments! Ha ha ha! I bet his brothers just got a kick out of
that. I think I may or may not have to introduce that game into the
misión mendoza. Ha ha. There is some stuff here that would go just
swell for that game.

It has just kinda been one of those bring you up then drop you down
weeks ya know? We had a ton of success just finding incredible people
this week but we still just can´t seem to find a way to get people
inside that chapel at least for one little hour! Holy cow it can be
frustrating. Ha ha.

As I said, we have just been finding lots of incredible people. We
were able to put some good baptismal fechas(dates) so we will just
have to see if those are able to follow through. Hoping and praying.
Our top candidates for baptism in the upcoming weeks shall be Adriana
Peralta, Silvia Saavedra, and the familia Valdez.

It still is super hard to focus inside houses because all of the focus
is on the tv(los olimpicos). There have even been times where we ask
nicely for them to turn off the tv for a few minutes but we get
rejected with a nice response saying no. Ha ha. Argentines are very
hard core fans and supporters of the sports even though they don´t
like sports. I get updates a lot from the family we live with and
tons of other members. I hear china is leading with us on their tail.
Go US!

Yep, just kinda passed the birthday by just like any other day. It
was a pretty cool day. Maybe the Lord wanted to bless us a lot on the
b-day because He allowed us to get to know some awesome people. To
let you know, yes, I was able to get the ice cream cake that I have
been desiring. It was one of the most tasteful, dulce de leche-ful,
and happy-ful cakes that has ever entered into my own stomach. I wish
I could email the taste of it just so you could try it, maybe sometime
in the near future. Yep, I wanted to do something crazy for my last
night in my adolescence but I couldn´t really think of anything that
would be appropriate for a missionary to do. Ha ha. It was a good
day though...Oh, and I am still expecting the package. It will be fun
to get another sweater.

For Pday today we cleaned all morning while listening to the
thundering voice of Bruce McConkie telling us to figure out our own
personal salvation with fear and trembling before God. Ha ha. I love
listening to old talks. But seriously, they are really good!
Everything in our house has been leaking so it was a little
frustrating this morning but I think I already got over that
frustration now. We actually got out and played sports(for the first
time in a LONG time). I brought my frisbee(thanks mom) to a cool
park(surprisingly there are not very many parks appropriate for
playing frisbee and stuff because they are made terribly with trees
and big rocks everywhere, but fortunately we found a good one today)
and we played for a while and it felt really good to run(I don´t run
in the mornings anymore like I have done once in a while with other
comps, mostly because it is now really cold outside in the mornings).
Then after we went to the closest place we could find to grab some
grub. We all were able to get some lomos and chori and enjoy
ourselves playing Monopoly Deal Cartas. Good times!

Good week! I hope all of you can say the same...especially for those
who spent it at lake yall.

Un abracito,
Élder Larisch
La iglesia es verdadera

 Chef Dev
The breakfast burrito
E. Wahl eating pancakes

feliz cumpleaños to me
grido cake...mmm
 can't wait to dig in...
 my photo collage
 elevated bed to help me sleep better with this cold
 E. Galati
eating chori with the gang
The bish