Wednesday, August 29, 2012

¡Me Quedo baby! ¡Y voy a entrenar!

Hey there!
Just putting in the weekly news. It looks like we have some good highlights focusing on traslados(transfers). It looks like I will get to be staying for two more transfers(3 months) here in San Juan. É Wahl is heading back to Mendoza to a zone called San Rafael and I am going to have a kid. Yep, I am going to be training a new little guy for the next two transfers here!! I won´t know who I am training yet until Wednesday. I have to go to the offices back in Godoy Cruz in Mendoza tomorrow night to await the coming of my comp. I am pretty stoked to get to have the opportunity to train and all that good stuff. You will get all of the pics the coming week.

It has been a good transfer with É Wahl. I have learned a lot from him and we have been able to have some awesome experiences together changing peoples lives here. Too many good times to count. He will have success in his mission! High hopes.

We had a pretty successful week in the area. We did exchanges with some of our leaders and we saw a lot of success come from that. We had some amazing visits with some our new investigators like Sandra Calívar, Senia Ochoa, and Ana Pereyra. All of the people we meet have their own different story and their own different problems to face, but there is a solve-all remedy called the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We, as missionaries, have a lot of opportunities to teach the restored gospel every day and always get a different response from the one before. This past transfer has been a little hard for some people to accept the Resoration as the truth because they have been vistited by missionaries before and they didn´t understand the message. This past week, we were able to work in new areas and teach famillies that had never heard the message of the restored gospel. We got responses including: "Wow, I have never heard anything like that before", "Yeah, I just want to know more about baptism", and "Yeah, I have gone to a couple churches before but I was not able to find the ´truth´, so yes, I will pray to know the truthfulnes of your message". Those are just some of the ideal answers that we as missionaries always hope for. I know that God prepares a time for each and every one of His children to receive or reject the gospel. We have some really good investigators, let´s just hope that they can receive answers to their prayers. I think my new comp and I are going to see a lot of success in these next couple transfers!

FYI, I uploaded a bunch of pictures to your Walmart account again because this computer is super slow and I will not be able to send them through email today. Check them out!

Not way too many more highlights. Just another week of hard work. My shoes are starting to fall apart again because of all the piedritas that we walk on, but I walk the line...

Spiritual Thought: Umm, I am just going to paste what É Wixom´s MTC teacher has to say again. Maybe you´ll get something nice from me the next week. Ha. Enjoy:
Two days ago, our new elders quorum president sent out a late night text asking for volunteers to help a sister in need who was moving. Many responded and simply asked to be removed from the text list because of The late hour of the presidents request.

I promptly responded and said that I would be there on Saturday morning to help The sister. I showed up on Saturday with two other brethren to help pack the truck. The sister was moving 30 minutes away in draper into her parents home because her husband lost his job. When the truck was packed, the father asked if we could go to draper and unload the truck- the two other brothers declined saying that they did not have enough time, I said I would go- and I rode with this old man to draper and the two of us unloaded the truck on our own.

The service took up most of my Saturday but I was left with an exalted soul and a good sense of gratitude for God.

I tell you this experience because I want you to remember the following:
1. The Lord's Voice and the voice of his servants are the same. You should not treat a request from your local leaders any different than a request from God himself! In fact your response to requests by your local leaders is the best indicator of your true faithfulness to God.

2. The Timing of the Lord's call is not always convenient or comfortable, but responding to the call is always worth the pain- he came at midnight in the parable of the ten virgins, and He came late at night in my experience above.

So yep, there it is. I hope everyone is just enjoying the transition to autumn over there on the other side of the world. It is supposed to be getting very hot here in the next few should be pretty fun. Well, I still pray for y´all and hope all is well. Till next time...

Élder Deven Larisch
La Iglesia es verdadera

That´s cool that the missionaries passed by. I don´t ever remember them coming by. Yes, most houses here have gates and we can´t get to the door so most of the time we just clap. I will have to say that yes, my clap is almost a perfected clap with all of the experience that I have. I will pray that Dad stays safe in the race...and that he takes first again...ha. Jk. ¡Chau!