Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Feliz Día de Independencia Argentina

Ha. I like the translate feature that they have new. I can read your email in spanish and write in english. Maybe I´ll write in spanish next time and you can push the translate button over there.

We had an alright day celebrating the northamerican holiday of the 4th of July here in Argentina. There wasn´t much we could do but I made sure to spread the news so I told many in the streets to have a happy 4th of July. I also have an US flag car freshener that I carried around so I also had the benefit of smelling good so I didn´t even have to put on deoderent...................

¡Feliz Día de Independencia de Argentina!....even though they don´t even do much here. The only spirit I have seen here is É Stearns and I wearing ties of Argentine colors. I really think that all of the Argentines are super sick of all of the other holdays that pass just about every other day so now they don´t even remember their own Independence Day. That´s too bad..............

(I hope that this works when it gets to your computer...
Super good week! Had plenty of ups and downs but looking at it from an overall status, I am very satisfied.
We were able to seal a baptism for this next saturday with a kid named Lautauro from a less active family that we have been working with for a while. He is 11 years old and loves to play "fúlbol" as they call it here. We are helping him and his sisters to come to church each week with other member families. We will send pictures of how the baptism turns out next week.
Sol(15), another that we are working with has a date to get baptized this weekend also but she did not come to church yesterday so we will be seeing what we can do. She may or may not get baptized on Domingo after church.
Carlos, a friend of Hno. Cobos(member) showed up to Sacrament. We are stoked to start working with him because it sounds like he has a family.
They changed our church meetings around on us. I was so used to going to Priesthood first and Sunday School, then end with a spirit bomb in Sacrament. Now it is even harder to get investigators to Sacrament because THEY JUST WILL NOT WAKE UP "EARLY" ON A SUNDAY MORNING! All caps seems like I am super frustrated, but I put up with it. I know that as long as we do all that we can, the Lord is going to bless these people in His own due time. Patience and diligence.

I have one more week in this area as I am entering week 6 of this transfer and I will find out where I am heading before next Monday so I will inform ya next week. I would say there is about 95% chance that I leave here as they usually don´t allow missionaries to stay in the same area for more than 6 months, although it does happen.

Today for P-day we headed up to the zoo again because none of these other kiddos had seen it. I hope you got all the pics that I sent because I sent a bunch.

Spiritual Thought
Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.
1 Timothy 4:12
In Priesthood this past sunday we learned from the teachings of George Albert Smith about how we as members can do missionary work and this scripture really stuck out as our teacher, Hno. Sanchez, explained it to us. This scripture illustrates one very effective way of proclaiming the gospel, being an example in the way you live your life so all your neighbors and family members can see. The first phrase "Let no man despise thy youth" is a very powerful statement. As a missionary, most of the people that I talk to are very much above my age. According to society, the older you are the wiser you are. When it comes to proclaiming the gospel, as we say here "¡Ni Importa!(it´s not even important) because anyone can gain a testimony at any age if they pray and ask God for the truth and then share it. Have no fear in being an example of the believers!

Thank you for all of the prayers and extra support that I am always receiving. Que Dios les bendiga.
Un Abrazongo(porque estoy contento),
Élder Devencito Larisch
La Iglesia es verdaderísimo
E. Stearns and I and our Argentine color ties