Monday, April 29, 2013


Dang, it has been kind of a tough week. We have had lots of bad weather, lots of upliftments then just being dropped down, lots of being unfocused about future stuff(in a way it is a good thing because I feel a lot more secure about what I am going to do in the future), etc.

We were hoping and praying a lot that Elder Barton would be able to be here for the baptism of this family that we have prepared, but as always something crazy/unexpected happens to ruin the plans. Maybe it is just the will of the Father. We had an awesome visit with Vanesa and the family on Saturday preparing them for the baptismal interview and for church the next day(because it was essential for them to get baptized this next Saturday). We even bought her a cheap alarm clock so she could wake up on time for Sunday. They are a VERY humble family and they have no way of waking themselves up, especially on a Sunday. We passed by on Sunday morning to walk to church with them, but one of the kids came out and told us that the ambulance had to come and get her at 5:00 AM to take her to the hospital because she was going to have her baby...and the first thing that was going through our heads was "she is pregnant???" ha ha ha ha ha ha. We didn`t say it out loud, but it is sad how we didn`t even know that she was pregnant(she is a bit overweight). So it looks like the baptism is off for a couple weeks or so. It is a bummer for my comp, but oh well. Some things just don`t work out the way you want them to.

Another problem we have had is the terrible weather. I believe that it has rained here more than my whole mission put together. We are having to wash our clothes twice as much because we just get soaked like every other day. It has put a toll on the amount of work we were able to do this week, adding upon how my comp is kinda losing it. Ha. He is going to Germany for a few weeks before school because his family now lives on a military base because his dad is a doctor. He gets to see his family next Wednesday at 11:00 AM. He is super stoked to see the fam and leave the missionary life as well as getting sad to leave being a missionary and helping others with their salvation full time.

He has been finishing his stewardship letter this week that he has to turn in to Presidente Àvila and his stake president so he has been thinking a lot about the future, so I have too. I had a bit of time to search different schools and pray about it and stuff and I think that I want to go to the University of Utah. I am not sure if I want to go back to Snow. The U is not quite as cheap as Snow, so working for a bit may be necesary along with looking for financial aid. My idea is still that I can come back and work for a bit and spend time with the family maybe looking for an eternal spouse in the Salt Lake area. Ha ha. I think I am sure about the not coming home early to start school right away, but maybe I could just take a couple classes from a nearby college. That might be hard though too set up now and may be too late. But then go full out starting in the spring. My comp and I have also been talking casually about future careers and stuff. He is going to be a large animal vet and I was not 100% sure yet. I printed some stuff out on some health careers that I wanted to look into and I think I have changed from the physical therapy view and I feel really good about studying to be a dentist. Nothing I have ever thought about too hard before because it never called my attention. It concords well with my patriarchal blessing and it is one of the best careers to go into right now with many benefits. So yeah, that is the update on what I feel about the future life. I just will have to find a good job to keep me busy bringing in some cash for when I get home.

Well, this is the last week of the transfer. I just have to endure this last one out and I can receive a new comp and we can start working super hard again. I want these last three transfers to be the best of the mission. We`ll see what we can do.

I am glad that I have sisters that can at least get super good grades in school. I wasn`t terrible, but I will always have those guilty thoughts about how I wish I did better in high school so that the rest of life could be easier. Keep up the good work and you will all be rocket scientists some day! Ha. That is great that there are more missionaries leaving. Wasn`t it Kelleen that is coming to Argentina? Joe is coming home already?? Wow, that means that everyone starts to come home...oh boy. I will keep Bro. Heaton in my prayers this week.
Till next week,
Un abrazo,
Elder Larisch
La iglesia es verdadera