Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Hey there!
I can`t believe that you guys are passing the 100 degree mark already in June! Here is is getting really cold. Big coat and gloves everywhere. It is not way too fun to shower because there is only a few minutes of warm water and the only heaters are in the bedroom. I feel a bit spoiled though because the big comforter blanket on the mission is probably one of the best ideas. The whole mission I have been comfy warm while others have to use gross apartment blankets with their sheets. Definitely worth taking up a bit of space in the suitcase for it.

Well believe it or not, I only have 6 weeks left being a missionary. I finally have been able to set a date with my mission president for the 11th of August. I will leave that Sunday it looks like and get there on Monday. That is 6 weeks from yesterday! It hit hard yesterday when I noticed that when I probably gave one of my last talks in the mission(they told me 20 minutes before the meeting started). I only have a little more time out here so I am planning on taking advantage of every minute.

This week has been pretty good. We are still working super hard and finding lots of miracles. The people that the elders were preparing to baptize before me are now kinda going downhill so we are looking hard for new people to teach. The top prospects right now have fear of sitting down and having a lesson, need to get divorced then married, need days off work, etc. We had a few people come to church though so that was pretty awesome! Two brothers of a young man recent convert showed up. We will need to get the parents permission to baptize and we can start completing that family.

We have zone leader council tomorrow and we don`t have to travel because the offices are just here in the zone. It is nice being close. We have some awesome plans to improve in the zone this next transfer. Actually I just got way stressed because I am putting together a big plan called The Tree of Life with the zone that we are going to use in the wards here in Godoy Cruz, but my computer just froze and had to change computers so I lost everything. We have to finish it for sure today so I don`t have much time to tell ya much more about the week. I`m glad the girls had a good time at youth conference. Lexi, stay away from the weird kids like that. Sorry this one is so short, but know that I love you and pray for you every day. Keep praying for me.
Un abrazo,
Elder Deven Larisch
La iglesia es verdadera