Monday, February 27, 2012

El poder del espíritu en los demás (The power of the spirit in others)


¿How´s it going in the States?  It is starting to cool down a bit down south...kinda.

The keyboard that I am using right now has a very small backspace buttome, so if there are calereless typos, just continue raeding and enjoy.

This was a very good week for us here in San Ignacio.  Our investigators that are progressing the most are doing very well!  Chiquita, is going to get baptized on the 10th of March.  We were able to teach the Principios del Evangelio class in church yesterday and so we took advantage and taught her the Plan of Salvation which was the last lesson we needed to teach her.  Daniel(29) we think is a hard core coffee addict...he talks and talks and talks at about 76 mph "sin cesar".  But he likes the churchs´ websites and spends a lot of time on that, so he knows a lot.  We are hoping to get a baptism lined up for him soon also.  Agustín Villegas(10) was supposed to get baptized on Saturday...but unfortunately...and fortunately we chose to wait.  I know, you are worried right now, but just wait till the next sentence.  When Elder Arnold came and visited his family with the Bishop and Stake pres, they were able to talk to Geronimo Guiñazú, Agustín´s stepfather, and bring up the option of Geronimo getting baptized and having the opportunity to receive the priesthood right after the baptism and getting to baptize Agustín.  All that is against what it tells us in Preach My Gospel, but a general authority overrides that manual when he feels so prompted by the spirit.  We weren´t able to meet up with Geronimo until Saturday night for a Noche de Hogar(FHE) because he has been really sick.  We watched the Testaments and he started feeling the spirit a little, but didn´t quite have the nerve to tell us too much of his feelings because he is a bit timid.  We had a really really good lesson with him yesterday night where we got the opportunity to just talk to him and his wife(who we just reactivated recently and has a super strong testimony).  We came in with the want to be a bit more bold and talk to him about what he had talked to Elder Arnold about last week.  Let´s just say that that lesson last night changed that man´s life in every way. There is a power that comes with the spirit when we have the right atmosphere to talk about eternal families.  He also opened up to us enough to agree to receive a priesthood blessing, which was just the topping of the truth that he didn´t even know that he was searching for.  We commited him to pray and ask if baptism in this church is the right path for him.  But if he didn´t have a change of heart last night, I don´t know what else would do it.  

¡The mission is Awesome!

Everything else is going pretty well here.  Elder Wixom´s thumb is doing okay.  He had a couple stitches fall out before they were supposed to, but all is good.  We also had some really good doors slammed in the face this past week and Elder Wixom even got spat on by some rotten adolescent on his bike.  I don´t know how it is for a lot of missionaries, but sometimes I enjoy a bit of minor persecution.  I remeber reading a scripture this week that talked about how we should rejoice if we are getting persecution while wearing the name of Christ upon us.  That is really how Christ lived his whole life.  That is one of the things that makes the mission so unique, because there is no other way you can experience these things except on the mission.  But really, every member of the church has made covenants with the Lord to take his name upon us every week.  And if we do that, He promises us that we will have His spirit to be with us.  So represent Him well at all times, in all things, and in all places.  "May the Spirit be with you"

Saludos a toda mis amados y mis amigos en una tierra muy alejado.  Espero que todos estén sanos y bien.  Gracias por todo el apoyo y las oraciones por los misioneros que toman sobre sí el nombre de Jesucristo.  Continúen a mantenernos en sus oraciones.(Greetings to all my beloved and my friends in a land far away. I hope you are all healthy and well. Thank you for all the support and the prayers for missionaries who take on the name of Jesus Christ. Continue to keep us in your prayers.)

Con Cariño, 

Elder Larisch

¡La Iglesia es Verdadera!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"¡Me corté el dedo!"(Two thumbs way up)

Hey there!
Well, got some bad news and also some super good news. As it always happens, I will start off with the bad news and move to the good: I cannot take much time for the email this week, but I have super good stuff that is all awesome.
First it would be very appropriate to give you the deets and fill ya in on all the Investigators. Agustín Villegas(10) was supposed to get baptized this Sat the 25th, but something even better happened. It just so came to pass that the Presidency of the Area of South America South came and visited specific less actives in our area(Elder Arnold, Elder Aidukaites, and I can´t remember the 2nd Counselor). But they talked to Agustín´s papa and it turns out that they commited him to baptism. With the authority that Elder Arnold has, he has given us the go to baptize the papa Villegas after he attends church twice, then give him the priesthood, then he can baptize his son. Super cool huh? Our manual, preach my gospel says that we should definitely not do that, but we have had a rule breaker with Elder Arnold. We also have a few other way good investigators that are moving on their way to baptism. There is one that we call Chiquita, we don´t really know her real name, that is super prepared and super nice! She even said that she would make me a pair of auporgatas(I think that´s how you spell it. They are like the most popular type of comfort shoes here in Mendoza. Probably even better than There are a few more awesome people that we are teaching, hopefully I will be able to forward the info next week.
Today, my comp cut his thumb open...ha. So we had to go to the offices, who sent us to the hospital(first time in an Argentine hospital, and don´t ever want to go back...ha ha.). He had to get a few good stitches. Sounds like fun. Also when we were at the offices I was able to receive the best package ever from the family. I havent gotten to look at all of it yet, but from what I have seen, I am thoroughly impressed and will be happy for a long time. Much gratitude is sent to my home. Love you family! You are all the best!

Con cariño,
Elder Larisch
La Iglesia es verdadera!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Milagros(miracles) en San Ignacio

Good Day!

I am just going to acknowlege this right now as I am starting that I don´t have much time because I got caught up in putting pictures up for all yall. I know, I don´t have any pictures of my compañero yet. I will make sure we get some of that next week. I live in a pension of 4 Elders right now. Me, Elder Wixom, Elder Leany, and Elder Daybell. Riverton, St. George, Kearns, and Virginia, respectively. They are all awesome Elders and I am definitely seeing a change in the work because they all have super good attitudes of the work.

Ah man, this week was super good and I super wish that I could just share every bit of it with you because we have seen so many miracles! Most of them take place in the streets when we do our "abre la bocas"(open the mouth, the expectations are that we get 10 a day for each elder in the companionship). We don´t ride bikes anymore( Colonia Bombal is the only area in the mission that is permitted to have bikes) so it is a lot easier to do our ALB´s, and it sure brings a lot of success when you can master those. It has sure been a testimony boost when you see the results of exact obedience. Elder Wixom is the biggest capo(stud) and teaches me so much! He has been out for like 10 months.

That is way cool to see that letter from Elder Hudgen´s mom. That is way nice that she would say that. Elder Hudgens and I got along very well and we both taught each other a bundle of things no doubt. He will definitely be one that I keep in touch with, if not good friends after the mish.

I have not yet received a package. I really like Mallory´s picture that she drew. Ha ha. You should keep doing that, I love seeing visuals from the family and friends. Ha. I am glad she is getting better and I will make sure to pray specfically for Pops so he can get better.

Thanks for everything! Keep the prayers coming this way and Ill make sure that they are going your way also. Love you!

Elder Larisch

La Iglesia es Verdadera!
The district that I left behind in Colonia Bombal...

The stud companion(trainer) E. Hudgens and the pension that I left behind...

First Buzz cut ever!!!  Aunt Kim I had too... cause it is stinkin hot here!!

This shows just how stinkin hot it is here!!  Kinda gross!!  Ha 
How many more days till winter??
Con Cariño,

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A proud day for Elder Larisch's Mom!!

When I got the mail today, there was a letter from Deven's trainer Elder Hudgens MOM!!  She was so sweet to write our family a note telling us how much her son enjoyed being companions with Deven, and thanking us for raising such a fine young man...I cried just a bit ( OK a lot)!!  She made my day and I thank her for taking the time to write us...she also has an amazing son which Deven learned so much from!!  Heavenly Father sends people into our lives exactly when we need them the most!!  Here are copies of the letter and the emails that she sent on the picture and they will be easier to read...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hey there loved ones,

My new comp is called Elder Wixom, not Wilson.  I heard the name wrong.  He was E´ Squires´ trainer from the last area!(remember my companion from the MTC) Fun eh? He is a really good missionary and I am sure that I will learn many new things from him this transfer.
Before I start about anything else, I just had a pretty cool moment here. When I was back in the Riverton Farms Ward a few months ago, around the time when I got my mission call. I met a missionary in the Reunión Sacramental called E´ Tinoco. He was called to Mendoza but he was waiting for his visa and serving in our ward. He even remembers the family a bit and a lot of the ward. He taught Cody Baker, Jason Hill´s friend. Well, odd enough I am sitting right next to him right now in the Ciber. He recognized my last name. Fun eh?

So you may want to know how the new area is and all the deets within. Well, I have already given you a moderately thorough description of my new comp. So I´ll just describe the area. Godoy Cruz is a great zone. My area is called San Ignacio. It is very much smaller than my last and has a lot more in it. The ward is very amazing. They have a new bishop and he is just a stud who will be very awesome to work with. It is kinda weird, because we have to share this area with a companionship that work in the offices. So what is basically happening is that the mission just threw my new comp and I here because a lot of new missionaries came this transfer and not enough left. Ha. So it is my second experience with "washing" an area. But this one is to the extreme. Ha. The definition of washing is just two missionaries arriving in the area at the same time, because it usually happens that one stays in the area every transfer. This time we don´t have anything to work with so we have to go find everything ourselves. We have been in the streets a lot trying to talk to a bunch of people. It is such a small area that is seems like everyone has already chatted with the misioneros before. We have a couple that could be pretty good though. And with the ward helping us, we are going to have bundles of success here!

We have a disabled pet dog(not really a pet, most dogs here are territorial and come by the house a lot) whose name is Jalepeño and always looks like he is pooping. His legs must be some sort of paralyzed or something because it is definitely not normal. He is really nice though and likes hard bread.

Right now, we are sitting in a ciber in the mall. I´m pretty sure this room is used for a club every night. Ha. They just barely started blasting Party Rock by LMFAO and the lights are flashing and stuff. I think they really want me to get up and dance, but I will refrain. Ha.

Thanks for the pics. Ha. I really liked the cartoon and mallory´s pic of her squinkies. I´ve never heard of those, but they sound like fun.

So the Giants won the Superbowl this year eh?

That sounds pretty fun that it was a poopy week. I hope everything gets better with all of the season sicknesses. Ill make sure to keep you in my prayers.

I´ll have to ask some people about this parade thing. It sounds like it would be pretty fun. I don´t have too much more time to write because these computers countdown with time and Ive only got a bit left.

Thanks for sending the package. I got mail from a kim, the tophams, and a few other friends this past week because we have visited the office a few times because we are really close to it now. They did not have a package there when I passed by on friday. Hopefully it comes soon. How did you find a Lower Lights CD? Ha. What else is in the package?

My eyes have been starting to hurt a little bit lately. It has been harder to wear the contacts without them irritating me pretty bad. I wear my glasses more than usual. Because of that, a lot of the members in my last ward called me Clark Kent. Ha ha.

I don´t have time to send any pictures today. Next week will be a ton hopefully.

Thanks for everything!

Love you all!


Elder Larisch

La Iglesia es verdadera!