Tuesday, May 15, 2012

¡Bauticemos un hombre en la cárcel! (Let's baptize a man in the jail!)

Hey there, well I don´t have a long time to write this time. I thought I would just enchant you all with my pictures. I hope you are all enjoying them.

The investigators are doing really good. We have had a lot of success showing the movie of the restoration in the homes this week. We had two at church: Ofelia and Gisel. Erica supposedly goes to her boyfriends house every weekend in Rivadavia(like 45 minutes away) so we are going to get her to come to church this sunday. To be baptized, it is normal that investigators have at least 2 attendances at church so maybe we can baptize Ofelia this Saturday, Erica on Sunday, and Gisel on the next Saturday. Hopefully we don´t have to work with some chastity problems with Erica and her BF. We found out that Ofelia has a small smoking problem so we are now helping her out with that so she can get baptized ASAP. Gisel is a new investigator that we found with the Martinez family(who is the family that EstefanÍa Sosa belongs to. Estefanía married Hermana Martinez´s son who is in jail. His name is Victor. Victor is super ready for baptism according to our bishop who has been visiting him occasionally in jail. We are trying to get permission to baptize him in the jail somehow without attendances at church. Apparently he is in jail because he killed someone accidentally while defending himself(according to his mom). Yep...fun stuff. We´ll see how that goes this week.

For P day today we were going to go to another Bodega that is actually functioning but that plan fell and we ended up going to a big store like Walmart called Jumbo that had a bunch of NorthAmerican stuff there. I got some stuff including tobasco sauce...

One thing that would be sweet if you could send me in the next package(if you are just casually making a list) would be one or a few flash drives so that I can store backup pictures and songs and documents and stuff. They are kind of expensive here. Thanks love ya.

I have like 9 letters in total to mail off today. Hopefully I´ll get around to it.

It was fun talkin to dad pretty casually on Friday. Lookin forward to this sunday. Call me in the afternoon that day to get in contact so we can work somethin out mmk?

Love you all.

Con Cariño,

Elder Deven Larisch

¡La Iglesia es verdadera!