Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"¡Me corté el dedo!"(Two thumbs way up)

Hey there!
Well, got some bad news and also some super good news. As it always happens, I will start off with the bad news and move to the good: I cannot take much time for the email this week, but I have super good stuff that is all awesome.
First it would be very appropriate to give you the deets and fill ya in on all the Investigators. Agustín Villegas(10) was supposed to get baptized this Sat the 25th, but something even better happened. It just so came to pass that the Presidency of the Area of South America South came and visited specific less actives in our area(Elder Arnold, Elder Aidukaites, and I can´t remember the 2nd Counselor). But they talked to Agustín´s papa and it turns out that they commited him to baptism. With the authority that Elder Arnold has, he has given us the go to baptize the papa Villegas after he attends church twice, then give him the priesthood, then he can baptize his son. Super cool huh? Our manual, preach my gospel says that we should definitely not do that, but we have had a rule breaker with Elder Arnold. We also have a few other way good investigators that are moving on their way to baptism. There is one that we call Chiquita, we don´t really know her real name, that is super prepared and super nice! She even said that she would make me a pair of auporgatas(I think that´s how you spell it. They are like the most popular type of comfort shoes here in Mendoza. Probably even better than Toms...mom). There are a few more awesome people that we are teaching, hopefully I will be able to forward the info next week.
Today, my comp cut his thumb open...ha. So we had to go to the offices, who sent us to the hospital(first time in an Argentine hospital, and don´t ever want to go back...ha ha.). He had to get a few good stitches. Sounds like fun. Also when we were at the offices I was able to receive the best package ever from the family. I havent gotten to look at all of it yet, but from what I have seen, I am thoroughly impressed and will be happy for a long time. Much gratitude is sent to my home. Love you family! You are all the best!

Con cariño,
Elder Larisch
La Iglesia es verdadera!

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