Monday, May 21, 2012

¡Feliz Día de la Madre!...un poco tarde...(Happy Mother's Day ... a little late ...)


I had a great time chatting with ya yesterday! It was awesome to see all of your faces and stuff. You all look great and happy. Boogs shouldn´t be so camera shy. She kept looking up and away when she was talking to me. You can´t do that when you go on dates. Just ask loobert, she knows all about that now. I don´t know if I had ever felt so emotionally tired after last night. Whenever I get to talk to ya like that, it just drains me for some reason. Good times though!

I don´t know if there is too much to say this go-around because I basically let you in on everything last night.

Ofelia is doing great, still hasn´t smoked one cigarillo yet since Friday when we robbed her last box with her permission. Ha. She has had a very hard life and we have set some amazing helpful goals for her. There are so many people that we find that have had sudden close family member deaths in the family for some reason. The plan of salvation is very needed here in these parts. Erica and Gisel did not show up at church because Erica was at her novio´s house(ugh...chastity) and Gisel didn´t come back in time from her son´s house. We have definitely gone through a bunch of trials of faith this week. Just about everything is going wrong. It is definitely evidence of the devil´s "impetuosos vientos" in the life of a missionary, if I may say quoting scripture.

For P-day today we went to a mall place called las palmares(palm trees) and I bought a couple books to learn Portuguese and German. I am super stoked. Don´t worry, I won´t distract myself during proselyting time, just on P-days. Ha ha. We also went to Burger King and splurged a bit(I don´t know what that word really means, but I used it in a way that would mean "pig out"). We still have a bit of time so we are going to go and finish some letters that we still have to write. I am going to send off 11 letters today. Yeah, I know it´s a ton!

Grandma, we were in the offices this week and one of the elders that works in the office showed us something interesting. In my file thing, it turns out that I was actually supposed to be trained and be comps with E´ Larson in a whole different area. I guess Presidente Ávila must have received instant revelation that I was supposed to go somewhere else with someone else... Interesting eh?

Mom, some things that you could send me and could be helpful is some US mail stamps. It costs like 10 pesos to send off each letter in normal post offices here. The mission offices have a system where you can just put a US stamp on it and send it to SLC and they distribute it there. Much cheaper! Thanks mom! Love ya!

I forgot the poem at the apartment so I will maybe post it next week. Sorry mom. I love ya!

Love you all very much,

Elder Larisch

¡La Iglesia es Verdadera!