Tuesday, June 5, 2012

¡Me Quedo! (I remain)

Good day!

Yeah, last week was pretty tough, but that has all passed and we are starting to receive more blessings here. We had an outstanding week! There is always that light at the end of the long tunnel!

Well first off, we have received transfers this morning and the news is...the same as what the title says!!! ¡Me quedo! I stay here and I also get my first latin comp, É Toledo from Chile. Should just be tons of fun. He is going to be the district leader. It is going to be a lot different. All four of us in the house right now have grown so close to each other. Let the work press on!

This week we had tons of success because we focused on our goals and almost reached all of them. We busted our butts and did all that we could to reach or pass the number goals that we set at the beginning of the week. We had some of the most spiritual experiences with Ofelia this week that I will never forget for the rest of my life. It is a really tough situation because the enemy had a very tight hold on her and it was very hard to get her to feel the spirit. We have been through a lot with her. She is so prepared for baptism because she has made so many changes in her life. I finally can say that I have helped someone totally quit smoking. Her only doubt right now is that she is going to fail God after baptism because she thinks the enemy will be out to get her. She is going to have an interview with Presidente Ávila this Wednesday. There is some crazy stuff here in Argentina...

We had stake conference this Sunday. It was really good! We had an area seventy attend but I can´t remember his name. The bottom half of his face was burnt. Most of the talks were focused on true conversion and they used a lot of scriptures from Mosíah 3. Leave behind the natural man to become life a child. Read it and learn from it.

Mom, if you want to write Chiquita you are going to either have to have someone who speaks spanish to write your handwritten letter for you, or you can email me something and print it out and give it to her using the new translate button on email with a bit of editing because it is not perfect, write an english handwritten letter that an english speaker could translate for her here and send it to the mission with my name on it and I can just put it in the box of our area if I am not here when it comes. Plenty of ways to happen. Whatever is your gusto. She actually still hasn´t stopped yet, she made us both homemade sweater/cardigan type things that doesn´t fit me really good so I may only wear it when I am around her...ha, along with a nice scarf. She is awesome!!! Never thought I would receive so many temporal blessings while serving here. I would send you a pic but I forgot to take a pic of it...sorry.

Oh yeah, and I have kinda forgotten to put up the mother´s day poems. I´ll put up the one that I read to you over skype...no one can make fun though, good poetry is just writing down what comes straight out of your mind.

Plants need things to grow
Flowers have reasons to fray
At least humans have their mothers
To teach them what to do and say

I feel lucky to have a mom like you
That guides me through this thorny way
Life usually is not that easy
With the exception of having a bidet

You have given so much for me to be
In the straight and narrow I was taught
Since I was a little kid until all grown up
You were always there to wipe away my snot

Thanks ma, for always being so cool
And puttin´ up with me through all the strife
There is nothing more that I can ask
That you love me for the rest of my life

It´s not my best work but I think it may be worth a few tears. Ha ha. The most important thing is that I always have you in the back of my mind, just enough to be fully focused on the mission. Love ya ma. There is more where this came from.

One thing that would be awesome if you could do for me is send me more pics. You should go on facebook and get a couple of things that Argentines would like to see. Lake Powell/Jet Ski, baseball/tennis, etc. You should just send them through email, because I can print out here. Thanks ma!

Un Abrazón,

Élder Larisch

La Iglesia es verdadera
Gross advertisement for the carnecería
Shaking hands with a dog named Lexi...not even joking
Elder Daybells alfajor wrapper collection(hopefully one day I can have that many)
Dumb dog wearing a shirt(it is normal that owners dress their dogs, it is very offensive that dogs just walk around naked here)
Banana Bread Alfajor
Female Empanada Doggy Chew Toy
Bishop teaching us how to do service Argentina style with one of his homemade devices