Monday, April 8, 2013

La Conferencia estuvo manso (The Conference was meek)

That`s super awesome that in one week I became a `new cousin` twice! I am glad that everything went well with the births of Whitnie and Hudson. Just making the big family that we have that much bigger. We had a so-so week here. The zone, after transfers has just been falling quite a bit. We have the zone meeting tomorrow so this will be one of our chances to elevate the zone. Wow, General Conference was pretty flippin sweet! The talks were super awesome and I feel like I was very able to feast upon their words.

Some of my favorite talks were Holland(I just love the way that he is able to grab our attention so much that we are on the edge of our seats the whole time. I think everyone looks forward to him every time to take a great part out of the bible and interpret it into a way that just makes everyone's jaw drop.), Andersen, the first presidency in the priesthood session(namely Utchdorf), etc. We missed out on a few talks on Sunday because they were trying to kick us out of the enlish room and some of the stake leaders here did not know what they were doing. Oh well. I think it was pretty obvious that one of the big themes of this conference and one of the main things that God wants us to know through his living prophets is that we need to put more focus in our home and family. I was able to point out a reference to that principle in almost every talk! Must be important... The most important eternal work that we can do is under our own roof. If everyone did it perfectly, we would have a perfect world. Family is the most important social unit. My comp loved Elder Clayton`s talk...ha ha. He wants to get married ASAP!

The other North Americans in our zone(Elder Chase and Elder Larsen) were able to baptize in between sessions on Sunday. That was a pretty cool experience for them and that family.

We had some really good visits with some investigators this past week. We did a couple exchanges and we had consejo and conference and other distractions from our area, but we did the best we could. We watched the long Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration movie with Leonardo, his daughter, her boyfriend Nicolàs, and other kids there. After the movie we were able to talk about the movie and feel the spirit super strong. Many of the kids got emotional because they were feeling something they had never felt before. Leonardo bore his testimony so strong in front of them and really put the words of Elder Holland to the test. What Leo told the kids was that he truly `believed` that what we were teaching was true and that is why he got baptized last week. He is a huge stud!!! Those kids have to get baptized now. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, Leo and the kids were not seen this whole weekend at any of the sessions of conference. Dang! We will still see a lot of progress in them equally this week.

It is crazy to be with someone who only has 4 weeks left until they are going to split from the mission. He isn`t getting way too bad yet, but he will probably want to do anything but proselyte during the last few weeks. Gotta endure till the end!
Un abrazo,
Elder Larisch
La iglesia es verdadera