Monday, January 7, 2013

La Familia Kim...

I very much enjoyed looking at those pictures of the four-wheeler in the snow in front of the house. I used my imagination to make myself there for a moment making snow angels and stuff. It is getting pretty tough to keep a shirt white here in a San Juan January. We passed the New Years a lot better than we did Christmas this year. Transfers went well. More or less rough work week, but it is looking good for this week!

My new comp is a boss! E` Correa is from a department called La Matanza in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His family consists of four(2 parents, him, older sister). He is 19 years old and has now almost 5 months in the mission. He is from the same group as my kid(E` Johnson) as well as E` Egbert. I don`t know why Presidente is putting me with all of these youngins. Everything happens for a reason though. E` Correa came from Godoy Cruz, Mendoza, where he started the mission. He is a hard worker and very obedient missionary. We are lookin forward to having a great transfer.

New years was spent at the Kim Family`s house this year. We went over there pretty early and hung out with Kevin, Sebastiàn, and Yini, playing UNO for a while while papa Kim was preparing the beautiful asado. He always prepares it Korean style with the sweet meat and rice with a salsa picante. I like it a lot. Fireworks were a little better than Christmas mainly because there wasn`t any wind to stop these argentines from lighting them off. Hermano Kim took us home at midnight and from then on, we hung out with a couple other elders in the pench for a while playin cards and crackin jokes. We hung out in the institute the whole next day starving because nothing was open and we had nothing in the pench to eat. Neither were there any buses on the 1st so we had to be hungry the whole day while scavenging for whatever candy was left from our packages. Ha ha. Man, I guess the holidays were good because it helped me appreciate even more being a working missionary. So much hanging out made me never want to play cards again. Ha. It is an interesting concept(that of doing something unproductive repeatedly for the space of many hours or days), but I do not recommend it.

It was kind of a rough work week not being able to get way too much done with the fiestas and transfers, but we do have some awesome news. Sebastiàn is for sure getting baptized this Saturday as well as all set up for efy in Còrdoba on the 21st of this month. He really wants to get baptized this Saturday, but he still says that he doubts once in a while that God really exists. Because really anything about religion was hard for him to grasp his whole life(his dad was buddhist and the rest of the family has been searching for a while, especially Yini, who spent a long time investigating the Testigos de Jehovà(Jehovas Witnesses)). But now, because the family is doing so good in the church, he sees their example and wants to be like them. We are praying a lot for this guy right now. We also fasted yesterday for another couple that we are working with closely, the De Los Rìos Family(Johana and Felix). We were able to put a marriage date for March(I may not be here then, we are trying to move it up because we know that they don`t need to wait for anything really to get married. We like to call ourselves "The Casadores""(The marryers), so lets hope that we can have success with some of these couples here in Rivadavia.

Everything is going well here. I send a hello once again to all those northamericans up there freezin their noses off.
Un abrazo,
Elder Dev Larisch
La iglesia es verdadera
Fernando la Largartija