Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Armadillo en mi panza (Armadillo in my belly)

We had a better week and got a lot more work done than the last. Our investigators are progressing but they still are not coming to church. Elder Barton is getting nearer and nearer to the end of his mission. I am starting to think about what my future is going to be like after the mission.

I don`t understand how two areas can be so different. When I was in my last area in Chimbas, it wasn`t this hard to bring people to church, but here it is the thing that is taking the most toll on all of us. We are working with complete families but the members aren`t as willing to help. It makes a huge difference. It is still possible to baptize people without members working with you, but with them it makes it a whole lot easier. We are basically still working with the same few families and trying to get them to take more steps. The Esquivel family and the Cortez family. Leonardo, our recent convert, is the head of the Esquivel family and is being a great example for his daughter and those of the extended family that live in the house. The next big step is bringing them to church. The Cortez family needs to have member involvement in the lessons and then they will start to gain their tesitmonies. We are praying a ton for them.

Elder Barton, my comp, is nearing the end of his mission as he only has 3 weeks left. It is tough sometimes being with a missionary like this because a lot of them seem to "burn out" towards the end. He is staying somewhat strong. Ha. We are working hard, but if he is going to wake up at 6:30 he is going to need the siesta in the afternoon to rest his eyes for a bit. Ha ha.

My comp is getting all of his classes and stuff ready at BYU and it gets me wanting to get more ready for the future. President, towards the end of the mission, gives us permission to look at schools and jobs and stuff, so I will spend some time on that and get back to ya. I may need some help on some of that stuff. Actually, is there a way that you can send me my Snow information. How to get into my snow account so I can look at my credits and stuff to see what I need. I would appreciate it. I can`t remember any of that stuff.

Last week was a lot colder and this week is pretty hot again. I love the unpredictable weather. This P-day, we went to Valle Grande, a beautiful place up there in the mountains of San Rafael. It was good up there and we had a good time, but we had a little trouble getting back. That is why I didn`t write yesterday. I will send some pics. We ate armadillo for lunch with our asado on Sunday with members. That was fun. My first brain that I have ever eaten was armadillo brain. Mmmm. I´m sure that Lexi would love it. She always loves stuff like that. I´ll bring some back for her.

Thanks for the prayers in my part. I wish everyone well till next week!
Un Abrazo,
Elder Larisch
La iglesia es verdadera