Monday, June 17, 2013

Me voy

Wow, that is a really sad picture of Mallory. Almost as sad as when my sisters had to leave me at the MTC...ha ha! I still keep that one in my photo album to show everyone how much my family loves me! Mallory needs to start being more careful because she has already had stitches too many times in her life. Well now that she is going to turn 8 years old HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALLORY!she will be able to come to the age of responsibility, as the church says, and make decisions that wont get her hurt like that. Baptism being one of those good decisions. I am still looking forward to that day when I can baptize her.

I forgot to put a HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKE! in the last email, even though I told her personally, but there ya go. Hope it went well for ya.

While we are still on the subject of telling people happy days, I will include one more: HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!. It is one day late, but it should be worth the same. Hope you had a good day and the family spoiled you a bit in some way. We here had a huge ASADO with the elders quorum on saturday to celebrate a bit, even though we are not all fathers yet. I feel bad because I may have broken minorly the commandment of the word of wisdom and eaten way too much meat than I should have. It was just too good and satisfying. I will have to have more self control next time.

Well, some other important and fun news is that we received transfers this morning! The news is that I am going to leave my area and go to Godoy Cruz again! Only this time I will be going to the zone leader area of Lujan. I always wanted to go to that area, so it should be awesome. My comp is Elder Howard. He was in San Juan/Chimbas with me for a bit and he was comps with my son Elder Johnson for a couple transfers. So I know him a bit. It is a little nerve racking, I think that is the right word, knowing that I am probably heading to my last area of the mission this time. No more exciting transfers for Elder Larisch. Unfortunately I still do not know 100% when my leave date is. I talked to pres about it, but they are now seeing how the flight plans and stuff will be so that they can assure it then they will inform me. 100% that it will be in between the 12th and 15th of August though, so if you need to start making plans...there ya go.

Well, unfortunately we weren't able to get anymore baptisms this last week in the area Pueblo Diamonte, but the good thing is that I feel really good with the way that I am leaving the area. In the missionary manual Preach My Gospel it talks about leaving the area better than you found it, just like we learned as boy scouts camping, and I feel like I have definitely done that. I we have made large improvements with the ward here with the stake pres and bishop and I am leaving a few great families that will for sure get baptized this next month. My convert here, Leonardo, hasn't come to church in a few weeks nor have we seen him unoccupied lately with work, but I will definitely stay in contact with him to keep him active. I fear that he unfortunately has fallen into the pride cycle as have the nephites of old. After he got baptized he has gotten bounteously blessed with blessings of much work which limits a lot of time for the Lord in his life. I am looking to use my time very wisely in Godoy Cruz now that I only have like 8 weeks left. Gotta work hard!
Love you all!
Un abrazo,
Elder Larisch
La iglesia es verdadera