Monday, April 1, 2013

Bautismo de las Pascuas

Happy Easter everyone!...from yesterday.

I hope everyone had a great Easter Sunday and was able to have fun with the eggs and bunnies as well as take some time to think about Christ which is the reason of why we celebrate this day. I missed the family a lot yesterday. None of the bigger holidays in the mission are the same without the family. We passed a so-so week as a zone here in San Rafael. We gained lots of elders that are not the biggest of workers so it kind of complicates things for us a bit here. There is work to be done. But hey, we baptized Leonardo this past weekend!! It was awesome!

It was definitely a baptism that we had to work for pretty hard this past week. The enemy was throwing just about everything he had in front of us including not being able to find baptismal clothing, him almost not passing the baptismal interview, working with a tough ward mission leader, etc. We are just glad that he was able to get baptized, that it was a great spiritual experience for him, and that his daughter, Milagros, is way happy for him and supports him and will soon be following him into the water. He finally felt the spirit a lot in sacrament meeting this time! It was awesome to see him with his arm around his daughter because she came to see his confirmation. I think that it was one of the happiest moments of his life finally feeling good about bringing his daughter to a church that he fully trusts in and has a stellar testimony that it is true. That is what the mission is all about!!! Helping families become closer to each other as they get closer to God. Good stuff.

Church was good yesterday because they actually remembered that it should be Easter themed(both Christmases and Easters that I have passed in the mission, the wards didn`t really put any focus on the theme of the holiday). The church here lacks a lot of organization/preparation. They are always just everywhere with their talks and meetings that they are very hard to follow. Preparation is a very important thing so it makes it easier for the ones who attend to feel the spirit. The spirit is going to be in the church every Sunday because it is the Lord`s Church, but sometimes it is really hard to feel it if you don`t seek.

Can`t wait to see pics of the new cousins coming from Kim and Lynsey. I have a lot to keep in my prayers this week. I hope dad can get better for his trip too. We totally forgot that it was April Fools today. It always catches me unexpectedly there at the first of the month so I can`t think of any good jokes. Oh well. By the way...I´m not 100% sure, but I think that I may have just made you two grandparents... Good ol April Fools jokes. That sure wouldn`t be good at all. The pie we had was bought from the store. The only thing that we make here is pan de banana(banana bread). Ha ha. Simple, fast, and tasty. That is awesome that Stephen is home. Send him a "Que te pasa chabòn. Te mando saludos de Mendoza, lo cual serìa mejor que Còrdoba..." I haven`t gotten any packages or letters but we are going to Mendoza tonight.

I am way stoked for Conference this weekend! We are going to hear many awesome things from inspired men. It is always great to hear what the prophet of God has to tell us for these modern days.

My keyboard is terrible today and we are a bit hurried because we have to travel to Mendoza today for the zone leader consejo. But I will attach some pics and stuff.

Thanks for everything! Love you all!
Un abrazo,
Elder Larisch
La Iglesia es verdadera
My cool Easter egg
Baptism of Leonardo