Monday, June 24, 2013

Lujàn de Cuyo

Yeah, it is another one of those times that I just get way frustrated witht the computers that I am using here because they have so many problems! But hey! We had an awesome transfer week here in my new area of Lujàn de Cuyo. I love the new ward and the investigators that I have. I feel like it is so much easier to love the people here and work super hard probably for a couple reasons: it is my last area so I have to give it all, and the people are more open here closer to Mendoza when in San Rafael, I found it a lot more dificult to love people like I am supposed to. I think this will be an awesome last few weeks of the mission!

First of all, that was a weekly email full of new stuff. That is awesome that dad is working for Fuji now! I don`t know what benefits come with that, but I`m sure dad is happy and that it will be great for him and the fam. That`s good that Mallory had a good birthday. I was thinking about how cool it would be to go home and while I am still set apart as an elder to baptize Mal. The last baptism of the mission. Ha. It may be complicated because of me arriving in the middle of the week. Why did omi and opi sell the house in paraguna? Wasn`t opi doing lots of renovation and work there lately?

I also had a dream about coming home the other week that I forgot to mention in the last email. I told about it in my testimony in my last zone conference the other week. I was home and I got dressed and went downstairs and was talking with you when you noticed that with my jeans I had put on my white shirt and a tie along with my missionary tag. You took off my tag and said nicely that I couldn`t wear it anymore and set it on the table. I started crying and just stared at the tag thinking about the mission. It was a pretty clear dream up to that point but I am pretty sure when I was looking at the tag, tons of mission memories passed by. Pretty crazy dream though. My missionary tag means a lot to me because it represents all of the life-changing experiences that I have had and especially all of the people that I have met and helped in these two years. I hope that moms dream is not how my homecoming is. ha ha. You better be there waiting for me. I am still waiting on the secretary to talk to president about my official leave date. Because of transfer week and getting a new mission secretary, things are slow. I will let you know ASAP.

Here in the Godoy Cruz zone, the biggest in the mission with 12 companionship's, things are going very well. We are looking to hit our baptismal goal this month and in my area we have lots of investigators that are doing well. There is still a lot of finding to do though. We may be having a baptism this week if we can get a good spiritual visit with Juan, that came to church yesterday for the second time. We found a pretty awesome couple while trying to find the house of one of our converts here. A really stiff/closed lady with her interested living partner(they are sadly not married, like just about every other couple in Argentina...). We gained their trust and came back the next day and had one of the coolest visits that I have ever had in the mission. I felt may have felt more guided by the spirit and recognized it in that visit than at any other time in my life because I said things that I thought I never thought I would have had the boldness to say. I literally had to declare repentance to this daughter of God because she was so blinded by the enemy in many aspects. The spirit obviously did something to help this lady because she said that she felt something that she had never felt before. It kinda reminds me of Zeezrom or any of those other Book of Mormon characters that were against the church until they had someone preach and declare repentance to them or else they will have eternal sadness at the side of the master of lies. SHe had a big change of heart and now instead of rejecting prophets and denying that God loves his children, she is exercising her faith and following the path of repentance to receive real happiness. It was just a cool visit that really impacted me and kinda got to my heart a bit more. This is not our work, it is God`s work.

My comp Elder Howard is from Florida, he ends the mish in 5 weeks, and he is a pretty good guy.

The broadcast last night from the marriot center was flippin sweet and will change missionary work(especially in Argentina if the leaders actually listened and will apply it). Super good stuff! Go watch it in your free time on It should be right there on the front page.

Have fun at youth conference. Go in with a good attitude even though it is weird to dress up. It is super spiritual and you will remember it for the rest of your life. Good stuff. Love you all!
Un abrazo,
Elder Larisch
La iglesia es verdadera

ps. On the countdown! Ha 

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