Monday, February 25, 2013

Desafìos en la zona San Rafael (Challenges in the San Rafael area)

Well, I am just here getting used to all of these changes still. It is a lot different than being over there in San Juan. I love it here in San Rafael, but it is just tough. We have a lot of challenges in the zone and our area, but we are doing all we can to make plans to improve. Ha. We are working with lots of people because we have been finding a ton, but they all just have so many problems.

San Rafael is actually a really nice place(except for all of the strange smells in the streets that pass by your nose once in a while). I love being here and working in a new area. It rains a lot. My comp is a really good and experienced missionary. He is a jokester and makes everyone laugh so there is never quite a dull moment and it is pretty easy to gain confidence of the members because he gets along well with them. His favorite topic in the streets to talk about is girls because he really just wants to get married...ha ha. He doesn`t even have a girlfriend though. I hope that I can keep him more or less focused for the last couple months of his mission so that we can see some success here. We just finished the Book of Mormon challenge this week. I feel like my testimony has grown so much reading a few chapters every day and looking at it from different angles. I think I want to do it again.

We don`t have too many solid investigators that are way close to baptism right now which is a really hard thing for us especially because we are supposed to be setting an example. ha ha. Washing a zone leader area is extremely hard. Our main investigators all have problems with the Law of Chastity...ha. They either are living together with their boyfriend/girlfriend(like most couples here in this country), or they are really old guys who pay an amount of money for a special visit from younger girls...ha ha. There are some really weird people here, but everyone needs the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

I don`t have way too much time to write today just because I had to do lots of other stuff. Yes mom, I got the priesthood line. It is going to help a lot once I get it translated to Spanish. Thanks! I have not yet received grandpas money, but I will be sure to go buy my comp and I a nice steak dinner with it! Thanks grandpa. That is awesome that the Smith family is going to have 3 of their kids out on missions! Good for them. Elder Zealley is getting back already?? Wow time flies! I had not heard about all of the new missions and stuff, but I just looked it up on That is way awesome!! That is a ton of missions now! The church is truly growing a ton after that revelation that President Monson received! I am about 75% sure that the Mendoza temple will get announced this next general conference because the church has bought a big property up in Mendoza close to the zoo and Cerro de la Gloria. So, keep your eyes peeled this April!

We are going up to Mendoza today for Consejo for the Zone Leaders tomorrow. We go up to Mendoza each month. My first one. Should be fun. We are going to go enjoy the day at Hollywood Burger, the best fast food restaurant I have been to here in Tina. It has a secret sauce and unlimited refills(not a common thing here). Well, I love all of you very much and hope all is well.
Un abrazo,
Elder Larisch
La iglesia es verdadera
Making some burgers
Taco in a Bag

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