Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lluvia (rain)

Sounds like everyone has passed another good week over there! I hope it´s not too chilly over there for ya. We passed a pretty good week. It has been raining a lot here this whole past week. It is even raining right now.

Really, this week has been pretty normal, other than that we are improving and meeting many of our goals that we have as a district. Sebastián Kim is doing very well. Yesterday after church he received the Aaronic Priesthood and later that night left with many youth to go to efy. We have been visiting them a lot this past week(not only because they have a new ping pong table) to work closely with Adolfo and Elisa to get them prepared to get married finally. We set goals with them and they should be going today(this morning) to take out a turn. It usually takes about two weeks. I am praying that I can be here for their marriage and baptism! I didn´t realize it earlier, but Elisa´s birthday is also the 17th of January. So we had a little party over there that day. I hope you enjoyed your birthday this week mom. I bet it is really nice to be in St. George during these cold temperatures. Kyle(roommate from Snow) told me that up in Logan it got down to like 27 below zero...okay, I think I am happy here in San Juan. ha ha. Our other investigators are being stubborn and are being very good at frustrating us right now, but we have faith and patience to endure. We are also finding a lot more people to work with so I can still say that we are having a lot of success. It has cooled down here a little bit with the rainfall. I am just scared for when all this stops because the humidity is going to be crazy! I am going down to Mendoza today to do some more stuff for my VISA. Should be fun. Sebastián wanted Élder Crawford to baptize him because he knew him before us. They were the ones that found the Kim family, but then they found out that they belonged to our ward after a bit. I am planning on baptizing the parents though. Ha ha. Well, that is about it for this week. Sorry for the short letter this week. See ya next week!
Un abrazo,
Elder Larisch
La iglesia es verdadera

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