Tuesday, November 20, 2012

¡Me Voy!

WOW! (Que lástima pero adios)

What an awesome week! Full of miracles after miracles, then a little more, and to end off with a couple cherries on top. I have got lots of thanking my Heavenly Father to do from this past week. I have got lots of news to tell ya just like every transfer week! But this one is even better. Let´s see, we had some of amazing(spiritual) lessons with our investigators when I was there and when I was absent. I have been running around like crazy trying to do interview and exchanges and stuff to get all of these baptisms in the district complete. It is way awesome working with so many more people, because that just means that you are going to have another reason to rejoice when they take the step of getting baptized. In my area we baptized two this week and in Rawson(another area in my district) they are preparing services for this Tuesday night and Saturday night. We are just finding lots of success here right now. That is why it is kinda sad to say that....I´m leaving my area! I´ll keep it a bit of a surprise until a little later in the letter. Every companionship in my district baptized this transfer. We had success! We will be having a huge ASADO today at our place, and tomorrow we will probably have pancakes and stuff before district meeting. We deserve to celebrate a little bit.

Yeah, we have been way too blessed this week! Yuliana Acosta and Elisabet Rodriguez finally both got baptized! Yuliana was kind of a last second happening. We had more or less planned on it this week, but bishop wanted to come with us and meet the family better because the family is inactive and hasn´t been showing much support for their daughter, but(the appointment that I wasn´t there) bishop went with E´Johnson and E´ Garcia to go and visit them to see if she was ready. Apparently they had a super awesome, spiritual visit(one of those where everyone is crying at the end, especially E´Johnson(ha, just kidding, but seriously)), and bishop was okay with her getting baptized this week(he was actually the one that baptized Yuliana). E´ Johnson even gave his first priesthood blessing in Spanish to Yuliana´s little sister, Aldana! It is pretty cool, because that is one of the things we talked about in studies that morning, so I believe the spirit had his hand in the choice of our studies that morning because E´ Johnson was prepared! Elisabet Rodriguez(Alaniz is actually her last name that she uses) has been ready for baptism for a while but she has just been super sick for like the past month! She decided to go through with baptism this week because she was starting to feel a bit better. Even with all of the problems she is facing with her husband, Omar(who was actually the first investigator in that house and the one we contacted in the street first to get into the house but who is now hiding from us and/or is always busy working so he has no time for us). I think they are trying to get separated, but no worries, the Relief Society of Barrio(Ward) El Líbano to the rescue. Elisabet wasn´t able to get confirmed yesterday because she couldn´t even get out of bed. Hopefully she gets better soon so that she can get confirmed and all can move smoothly.

The other big news of the week is TRANSFERS! I am going to leave my area only to go to the zone right next to San Juan called Chimbas! The area that I am going to, Rivadavia, we drive through to get here to use internet every week. It just borders the area that I am in now so it really isn´t that far of a move. Ha ha. My new companion is going to be Elder Egbert. He came in the same group as Elder Johnson, so he just finished training. Chimbas is a zone known for its success, so I am ready to go and put in my penny´s worth. I am looking forward to a great next few transfers!

Dang, I told you that I was going to prepare some type of Eulogy for Elder Johnson. Well, I could talk on and on about this fellow. He has taught me so many things in these past two transfers such as patience and charity and brotherly kindness because he has been such a burden for me.....ha ha! Just kidding. But really, I have learned a plethora of things from this elder. He has been one of those missionaries so easy to get along with and work together with. I congratulate the mother on the success that she has had with this boy. He is a great missionary and will even do bigger and better things further in the mission. He has progressed a ton in these 3 months in his teaching skills and spanish. He has always had the confidence so it is easy for him. I will miss this kid, even though I will probably see him often here at the cyber every week and maybe on the borders of our areas. Ha.

I will also miss this area. I can´t believe that I already am moving on to my 4th area in the mission. It just flies by. El Líbano has been an awesome area where we have had a lot of success. I thought I was going to escape San Juan and go somewhere a bit cooler in the summer for at least december and january but it looks like I get to enjoy the heat. Ha.

That is so awesome that Cade got his papers in! I will surely be expecting to hear where the Lord sends him. I´m praying for at least Spanish speaking if not Argentina.

I put lots of pictures on your Walmart account mom. I hope you are able to receive pictures okay this way. For some reason it is not letting me attach anything to this email. What a shame. I´ve just been taking so many lately for some reason. I accidentally carried around the camera a few times when I was proselyting so you get a back-stage view at what we do...how exciting!

Well, we have got to go get started on our asado because I am starvin marvin right now. I´ll talk next week to let you know about my new area and comp.

Thanks for all you do in my part. Family and friends always have a part in my nightly personal prayers. Love y´all.
Un abrazo,
Elder Dev Larisch
La iglesia es verdadera

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