Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Regalitos Escondidito (Gifts)


Well, I guess I feel a bit older, a bit wiser, and a bit...more ready to do some missionary work! I am just super content now because I received another but very amazing package from the fam back home, one from Grandpa and Grandma, one from Omi and Opi, and one from the Tophams. I was able to open my birthday gifts with some other Élders and we all loved it. I loved every one of those gifts. Thanks to the fam, Omi and Opi, Grandpa and Grandma, and the Tophams! I greatly appreciate all of the stuff! I am going to put the ´Happy Birthday´ pictures right on the wall when I get back to the house. And all of the other gifts I will enjoy a lot with the other Élders here! And my converts and other lucky people will very much enjoy the things from Omi and Opi. We also received an actual blender like the ones they have back there in the states(it´s not exactly a blendtec though) along with a sweet toaster. That will make morning life about ten times better for me.

So right now we are just lugging around tons of stuff. Ha. Then we have to hit up Wal-Mart after...should be interesting on the bus. This P-day is just going to be pretty tranquil. Probably just going to go get all this stuff done here in Centro then go to the pench and kick it back writing some letters or something productive...

It still hasn´t really hit me yet that a whole year has come and passed me right by. I have made some sweet goals that are going to help me make the best of this next year of my life. Who knows, I may even learn a new language(thanks to Grandpa and Grandma for the Book of Mormon in Portuguese that I now have in possesion). To celebrate the year mark we just bought tons of ice cream(don´t worry ma, I won´t get too fat because we(my comp and I) are going jogging in the mornings...well, we want to start. And just partied for a small bit with the Camargo Fam(the members we rent from). I also was able to burn a shirt...but it wasn´t exactly mine. We found this shirt that some other Elder left a couple months ago that was super gross(yellow with sweat stains everywhere, I don´t think he took care of it very well). It burned pretty well. Ha.

Yesterday, we got the awesome opportunity to go to the Buenos Aires Re-dedication vía satelite in our stakecenter. There were three different sessions, but I went to the 2nd and got to hear President Eyring´s amazing testimony. So powerful are the words that come out of his mouth. Incredible!

This week has been a pretty good week. We have some really cool investigators that are referrals from members(we are starting to focus even more on just referrals, because that is where we can see the most success) and we are looking forward to preparing them for baptism in a couple weeks. Agostina and Joel Rodriguez may or may not get baptized this Saturday(because we weren`t able to have our normal meetings this Sunday due to the Re-dedication). It may be postponed till the next week. We´ll see...

It is basically just a whole different experience when you are training someone in the mission field than when you are not. I feel like the Lord is trying to teach me a lot of things right now. Élder Johnson is having a little trouble with the language and all but we have a pretty good language study plan for him to learn faster. We are focusing right now on getting him into the beginning of the Libro de Mormón so he can be able to dive into it and read it aloud himself.

Spiritual Thought: Just a little something that I picked out of some words from President Eyring.

"God will put prepared people in the way of His prepared servants who want to share the gospel. You have had that happen in your own life. How often it happens depends on the preparation of your mind and your heart."

"Prepare to share by filling your mind every day with the truths of the gospel. As you keep the commandments and honor your covenants, you will feel the testimony of the Spirit and more of the Savior’s love for you and for those you meet."

Always be prepared when God places someone in your path. Carry around an extra Book of Mormon in your car or maybe just some pass along cards in your wallet. Whatever the situation, follow the impressions of the spirit so that you can help all of God´s children receive the restored gospel in the precise time and moment.

Thank you for all of the prayers for me, I know that they are still reaching me(they don´t take as long as packages through the mail). Amorcito.

Un Abracito,
Èlder Dev Larisch
La Iglesia es verdadera
That is the coolest news ever that Cade is soon to be an Elder Bullough! He has just gone through a huge change in his life. It looks like he has good influences in his life right now. Maybe he´ll get called to come here and we could walk the streets of Argentina together! I am super stoked for him!

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