Wednesday, September 19, 2012

15 Questions....

Thanks to a friend of mine, we got the idea to ask Deven some questions.  So here are a few of his answers that he had time for this week:

1. I miss a lot of food. I really could use some Panda right now though. I was cravin Costa Vida the other day though.

2. The traditional argentine asado includes every part of the cow. Some of the main delicasies are mondongo(stomach), chinchulín(intestines), lengua(tongue), cerebro(brain), corazón(heart), and many more. I, personally, am pleased by each of these plates, if and only if they are cooked well. I have had good and bad experiences with some of them. Ha ha. We usually eat pretty well though. When we do have lunch with members, they tend to spoil us with really good food.

3. Laundry depends on the area. Here in San Juan we live with a member that lets us use here washer in the morning if we do it before 9:00. Godoy Cruz was a bit different. We had to go to a Lavandería(Laundromat, I think they are called there) every Pday, and very seldom would a member wash clothes for us. In Maipú, we always left our clothes in the church and a member would do it for us every week.

4. My favorite food(s) in Argentina would be Pastel de Papa, Milanesas (Hipolitanas), and of course...ASADO(with some chorizo also thrown in there)!

5. Yeah, I don´t know. It is kinda hard to notice if my dreams are in spanish. I have tried to remember but I never can. I am usually always thinking in Spanish now so it complicates English a bit sometimes. If you need someone to speak Spanglish to you, I would be the one.

6. Yes Mallory, we walk everywhere. My shoes are falling apart, my calves are getting huge, and my comp complains all the time because he is getting blisters. Ha ha. I haven´t had too many feet problems though, only some athlete´s foot when it is hot. We take colectivos(buses) to get to some places in our areas sometimes and to get to other areas for other reasons, but mainly, we walk...and walk...and walk...aaaand waaaaaaalk.(Pioneer childrens song I believe).

7. My favorite thing to do on P-day. Hmm, I like to do a lot of things. I like it when we are able to get out and go somewhere cool(bodegas, places in the mountains, etc.) or just go play sports(fútbol, frisbee, basketball, etc.) The more boring ones we just play cards or write letters.

Time out. I´ll finish next week... Love ya

8. I have only been in primary a few times. I wish I could go every Sunday though becuase they always get candies and sing songs and stuff while we are reading the whole time.

9. Well, there aren´t too many argentine sports. The most popular ones are fútbol(main), womens field hockey, basketball, and padle. They have a little bit of some other sports but not much. I don´t know which is my favorite. It would probably be padle, but I still haven´t been able to play it yet...

10. I cut my own hair usually. This time it looks especially good. A lot of Elders buy or bring their own machines and I just borrow. I have gotten pretty good at it. I don´t know, I think Kim will have a little competition when I get home because the machine is so easy. Ha.

11. Yes, we are allowed to drink soda and caffeine. The only stuff they have here are mainly Coke, Sprite, and Orange Fanta. I try not to drink a lot of it, because it makes me cry(very carbonated) and it is not healthy. Everyone either drinks soda here or the little Tang juice packets.

12. Yes, I have bought a few ties. I think how much I spend money here just depends on the people I am around. Elder Daybell from my last area had a lot of collections and was always buyin stuff so it made me also want to buy. I have probably bought like 6 ties here. My collection of ties has really grown a lot though!

13. The cool Jersey that I am wearing in my pics is of River Platte. I am pretty sure I have already told you about the two main soccer teams from Buenos Aires. River and Boca. You have to choose one(it wasn´t too hard for me because I come from Riverton...). I bought that jersey for 40 pesos in a persa(flea market type thing).

14. It depends who I am with. I am usually very willing to speak spanish all the time. We usually set goals of how much we talk to each other(if we both speak english) so that we can get better at the language. We are supposed to use the language as much as possible.

15. Hmm, this is a pretty broad question that is going to bring up a long list. Some other stuff I miss from home include: Maggie, fam, mexican food, naps, Dr. Pepper, real mayonaise, long walks on the beach, carpet, full pantry, houses made of wood, public cleanliness, traffic laws, Kim´s haircuts, etc. But that doesn´t mean that I don´t like it here. I love it here, I was just answering the question.

Love ya, chau

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