Tuesday, July 17, 2012

¡Me Voy! (I'm going!)

Good Afternoon Loved Ones,

How is everyone doing today? I am doing pretty good. I guess you could say that we had a very eventful week. Teaching myself to juggle, finding out that I am leaving Godoy Cruz, being senior comp to my brother, asado in the acequia, and a BAPTISM!!!!!

Yeah, that´s right! We were able to follow through with the baptism of Lautaro Bohigas. It was kind of an iffy baptism because it didn´t appear like he had very much support to stay active. But with a ward like this with so many members willing to help out, he was able to do what he wanted. He was super stoked to get baptized this whole week. His whole family showed up to the baptism, even his pops who is a huge inactive that is wine-crazy. We even made him a case for his book of mormon customized with his name on it.

Other big news is.........¡me voy! I am leaving San Ignacio, Godoy Cruz to go to Libano A., San Juan. I get to go to a different province. The mission covers all of Cuyo(which is three provinces of Argentina:Mendoza, San Juan, and San Luis). It is supposed to be a really good area with lots of good people. It is like 3 hours away in bus so I will not be as close to the offices anymore, but it´s okay. I will tell you about it next week. I will be comps with É Wahl, who just happens to be my mission brother(he was trained by Ë Hudgens also). I will get to be senior comp also. It´s gonna be sweet!

San Ignacio was such an awesome area. It is also one that I can leave feeling good because we made a difference here. A missionary feels good leaving an area if he sees an increase of the faith of his investigators, new converts, and members. I am going to miss a ton of families here that I have grown really close to over the past 6 months. I have a lot of saying-bye to do tonight and tomorrow. Ha. It has also been a good time being comps with É Toledo this transfer. It went really fast, but I feel like we both learned a lot from each other. He may be one of the coolest chileans that I know, even though there are not that many that I know well. Ha.

This week we had some good success with our investigators and it looks like I am going to be leaving this area with a few baptisms for the comp of É Toledo next transfer. We have a lot of members right now that are helping us out by giving us their friends to teach them, with even a few being taught in the house of the member(no better teaching atmosphere I tell ya).

Ofelia finally let us do service at her house this week. It was pretty fun because we very rarely get to use informal clothes in public, matter of fact I don´t even like it because it doesn´t feel right. Ha ha. She let us harvest a bunch of lemons and mandarins from her trees in the back. I was the one to take the real advantage of the lemons while the others were trying to make some lemonade. I all the sudden had the small desire(Alma 32) to learn to juggle. As I started, I almost got very discouraged because I could not juggle for 2 seconds. But the good news to the story is that I kept of trying and practicing(especially when my comp was in the bathroom which was a considerably long amount of time) and eventually I got it. Élder Larisch can now juggle lemons. Hey, it is big new for me okay?

For P-day today we decided to have an Asado. So we went and bought lots of cow meat and some chorizo, built a fire next to the acequia, threw the meat on the tray, and played us some Aljedrez(chess) in the acequia. Not going to lie to you, it was some of the best meat that I have ever eaten(other than those chicken hearts that I ate at Rodizio Grill a couple years ago that I threw up all night, those were good too).

I don´t have too much more time to inform ya on all the good deets, but next week you will hear more. Take care and keep prayin!

Un abracito,
Élder Larisch
La Iglesia es verdadera

That is awesome that Kaylee had her twins. They look great! I can´t believe Joshy is already home! That means I only have like a year left. I better get working harder. Ha. Micah looks super older with his bowl cut. Ha ha. Don´t forget to tell Joshy that he needs to write me and I can write him through you. Tell Joshy I don´t drink mate. It is against the rules here, but we are offered it every single day by people, but we have to decline it. There are a couple reasons why I think it may be against the rules but I don´t really know the real reason. I drink a ton of herbal tea and sugary hot milk! Yum!
 Elder Hunter goes home today :(

My good friend Matías. What a great guy. he always passes by our house and tells us about his superhero adventures with his dogs. He really likes the Avengers!

Here is where we did our "ASADO"

A dish called Pollution

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