Tuesday, July 3, 2012

¡Dejalo a nevar! (Leave it to snow!)

Good day!

Hows the weather over there? We just got our first snowfall today and I think it is still going out there. I don´t know, I am all nice and cozy in here in this club. Ha. I can´t get over how weird it is that they have this Ciber that is dark and blasting with Adele, Madonna, and Katy Perry all the time!

I can´t believe it´s already time to celebrate independence over there. On the 9th we will be celebrating independence here, but I will surely be blasting the Star Spangled Banner on the 4th while in the house. Since we forgot to celebrate Christmas on the exact opposite side of the year I think we will have to wait until the next time it snows. I really don´t like the weather here. It is dry and hot some days then snowing and frío the next day, it is all messed up!

This week was a really good week for the work here in our area. We unfortunately are not expecting any baptisms for this weekend(but we still continue praying for miracles), but the next week(my last week here) is looking very bright for a full harvest! We had 4 good investigators attend church yesterday and hopefully we can get more next week so that we can hit at least 5 baptisms on the 14th and 15th. Gonzalo, Victoria, Lautauro, and Sol were the ones at church. They are all just a bunch of younglings from 10-19 years old but they are good and are hooked up with great members. We met some great people this week! Corina, a SUPER old friend of Hermana Robert(yep, that´s her last name) who let us in her house the other day to chat and she was just super interested in everything we had to offer so we set everything up for her to come to church on sunday, but guess what, her children stopped her from going somehow. I don´t get that sometimes. It happens to us often. We commit people to go to church and their parents or children stop them from coming. Ugh. It is frustrating because often it is just the attendances at church that stop people from getting baptized. What a shame. Ofelia is doing good. She keeps gifting me paintings of Florencia Molina Campos(a famous argentine artist) because I complimented one of the calendars that she had. She is pretty great.

Had a sick day this week where I don´t even know what happened. It usually is like that because I don´t have a mom to diagnose my sickness all the time. Ha ha. I had a bad stomachache and headache and felt really weak and dizzy. But the next day I was fine and went out to work. There really is no worse feeling in the mission than staying in the whole day when you are supposed to be out there teaching people. I hated it.

I enjoyed the newsletter of all of the missionaries. I´m glad that everyone is doing good wherever they are in the world because they are sharing the Gospel and enjoying themselves at the same time.
Thanks for all the pics. Lagoon sounds fun, it looks like Mallory and Braylon were having the time of their life on Puff...ha.
I will be sure to keep Aunt Kim in my prayers. I hope everything goes well with the body scan. I´ll also add Kenny in there too. That doesn´t sound like a fun disease/disorder to have.
Good luck in the Tour de Riv. Break a leg!...but not really. You know what I mean.

Spiritual Thought

The new bible videos on the church website are pretty good! Hope for a better, more heartfelt spiritual thought next week when I have more time and I actually plan one.

Un Abracito,

Helder Larisch,

La iglesia es verdadera

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