Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tercer Traslado Juntos (Third Transfer Together)

How is everything going?

This was a fun week that passed by. I have actually had a few sick problems which I will explain more down lower. I am actually very excited for another transfer in this area. I think you are definitely right mom, that I am getting this opportunity for a reason. I think that God knows something that we don´t know...once again. Ha.

We have had some cool experiences with investigators this week. On Tuesday I felt like we needed to go stop by one of our older investigator´s houses who we haven´t really worked with a bunch named Mafalda. We got there and I remembered some good council from our leaders saying that we should invite all in the home to hear our message...and good thing I did. By the end of the lesson, the only person that wasn´t interested was the actual investigator. We had a really good lesson with her two old lady sisters that live there with her. Fani, who has had some really crazy experiences including dying and seeing a lot of amazing things and having interesting dreams that she wants us to interpret. Ofelia, has a couple sons that live in Utah and Spain that are members of the church and is very interested. How lucky is that? We also had a pretty good activity de la obra misional this week. We didn´t have too good of a show, but we did get a couple new investigators out of it from part member families. Erika De La Fuente should be pretty good. She has been taught in the past but she felt the spirit pretty strong that night. We played ping pong and watched The Other Side of Heaven(with permission from Presidente Ävila), then we gave a little missionary work thought at the end and had a couple people bear their testimonies. Good stuff!

As I noted earlier, yes I have been sick this week. Earlier, like Wednesday night, I was up vomiting and having diarreah all night! I was super dehydrated and thought I was going to pass out and wake up the next morning on the bathroom floor. But the story doesn´t go that way, don´t worry mom, I finally gained the strength to ask my comp for a blessing. After that I was able to go lay in bed more tranquilly. The mission nurse put me on a special diet and I couldn´t go out and proselyte the next day...It was one of the longest days of my life... Well, that wore off recently and now I have picked up a pretty bad cold. I just love waking up to snot all over my face...ha ha.

Even though I am a bit sick, I didn´t want to hold anyone back so I didn´t say no to going out and enjoying ourselves this pday. We went to a Persa this morning(like a huge fleamarket/discounts everywhere place, that are pretty illegal in the states) and bought a few winter necesities like a hat, and I got a cool long sleeve River shirt(one of the main fútbol teams of Argentina) and a couple other goods. Enjoyed a good Godzilla burger at Kingo, then we went to Cerro de la Gloría, which is one of the biggest tourist sites in Mendoza. It is translated to be The Hill of Glory for all those in need of the translation...ha. It was a short, steep hike to a bunch of little statues and a big statue(that is found on the $5 peso bill). It was a great time! Memories to last a lifetime.

All of the sudden, this week it has just started getting SUPER cold! We tried having a campfire in our little courtyard area in the back of our pench to roast some chicken parts that some other Elder got from a member. The fire didn´t work out so well so we will have to find other means of cooking them. Probably would be good in a soup. I bet it is just a beautiful spring over yonder in the states. The birds here got caught by surprise, some of them froze, and some of them got a good start migrating back up north. It is weird to say that backwards. What if they still do go south? Wouldn´t they hit warm weather after passing Antartica?

I am not sure what time I will be calling you the week after mothers day yet. Actually this time I am going to be able to Skype home. So prepare for that! Its gonna be weird seeing and talking to everyone. I will let you next week on this topic.

That always makes me happy to hear that Mallory prays for me a lot and speaks of me well to her friends at school. Ha ha. She is so cute.
Tell everyone hi for me back at home. Love you all.

Hold the Spiritual thought for next week, it will be twice as good...ha.

Con todo el amor que puedo dar,

Elder Deven Larisch

La iglesia es verdadera
 District Hermanas
Leotardo w/suetér....our dogs
Sammy w/suetér

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