Tuesday, May 29, 2012

¡Rayos! Todos los bautismos cayeron...(all the baptisms fell through))


It has been quite a tough week this go-around. It has been hard to see all of these baptisms fall one by one. It seems like last week was when we had about 9 people prepared for baptism that week. It is crazy how things can change so fast. The Montier family does not want us anymore, Coqui is having a hard time and being stubborn, Arón has an atheist dad who won´t let us baptize his son, Gisel is not married to th father of her children and he will be in Chile for like another month so we can´do anything about it, Victor is still in jail and it looks like we can´t do too much about it, Erica all of the sudden got...well let´s just say that she definitely is not keeping the law of chastity with her boyfriend, and Ofelia confessed to us that she learned a bit of black magic while she was in the US and since she doesn´t have much of an income now, she uses it a bit to "help the neighbors", so she has to stop doing that stuff before she can get baptized. It doesn´t look too hopeful this transfer for any baptisms unless some cool miracle happens this week. I am hoping that your prayers will help us out a bit so that we can do something big this week.

It was actually a really cool experience with the familia Zapata(the one with the atheist dad). We had a mañana de hogar which is basically just a family night that we do in the morning sometimes. We made it up. We went to their house and got to know them because they have a 9 year old son, Arón, who wants to get baptized. After watching the John Tanner movie(really good, I recommend that everyone watches it for a family night or something) we had a huge, long talk with the dad telling us about his atheism. We taught him a lot and read with him in some scriptures to prove the point that God exists because his argument had no reason and he had felt the love of God and had faith when he was a kid when he got baptized. He was finally able to humble himself and listen when his wife joined in and bore her amazing testimony of the Gospel and of faith in her life. They both committed to start reading and praying as a family. Some of the biggest miracles that I have seen in the mission are the times when we walk into a house and the people have very hard feelings against the church or just do not want to hear anything. Then we start talking and teaching and giving the spirit some time to touch their hearts. By the end, they are already committing to make the changes in their lives to near themselves to Christ. That is when we, as missionaries, can know that we are fulfilling our purpose.

Thanks for the recipes ma, don´t worry about the donut one. We were just really craving maple donuts at that time. That sounds great for my birthday to just put some money in if ya want. I can´t really think of anything else that I would really like to have except one of the missionary portuguese learning guides and perhaps a portuguese book of mormon. ha. I heard you can get them on deseretbook.com. But it´s not a need, just a want. ha ha. I actually have a few things that I really want to send home in a package or somethin. I am going to see if I can do that somehow and let ya know.
Next week we are going to get transfers. Do you think I will stay or go? No one knows. I hope I stay.

That is crazy that Josh is almost home already. I am going to be the only kid on that side of the family out on the mission until Cade or Dillon leaves.

Don´t worry about me out here. The Lord is definitely watching over us always and I ask every day that he watches over you.

Un Abrazo,
Elder Larisch
La iglesia es verdadera

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