Tuesday, April 3, 2012

¡La Conferencia General fue manso!


How did everyone like conference??? It was just about the most best conference to this point in my life...not just because the talks were good, but I was prepared to hear them.

I don´t want to make anyone sad, but the bad news is that I have a ton to say, but we need to go soon. We have been making baptismal invitations for a big part of our time because Irma(came to a few sessions of conference) is expected to be baptized this weekend. Agostina and Rocío are complicated right now. Keep these investigators in your dreams. Also the Villegas family because they have been having some family problems this past week and need the spirit more in their lives and marriage. I will update ya more next week.

I wish I had more time to talk about general conference more. I very much enjoyed each and every one of the talks and throughout conference I was able to get each of my 10 questions answered. My favorites were Elder Scott and Pres. Utchdorf(priesthood session). Those talks answered some of my questions so well that I feel like my knowledge level of some topics went from a 5 to a 10. Good stuff!

Sorry family, I know there are tons of things to respond to. I will get to them next week. Thanks for all of the pictures and stuff!
Love you all!

Con tal cariño que alcance a los cielos,

Elder Larisch

¡La Iglesia es verdadera!

Elder Daybell and I may have downed a whole kilo of delicious helado..

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