Monday, January 9, 2012

Divisiones + Año Nuevo = Fechas Bautismales (Divisions + new year = baptismal dates)

Hello Everyone!

This week summounted to a lot more success than that of the recent previous weeks. Lets see, some of the highlights of this week were divisions on friday, putting fechas(dates) with investigators, being hotter and sweatier than anything that has ever walked this earth.

This email may be one of my shorter ones because we are going to leave the ciber(the place where we get to use the computers each week) a bit earlier this week. We had planned to go to a place called Cerro de la Gloría this Pday but I am not sure if that is going to be. I know that we are going to make tacos today for lunch though. It´s kind of odd because Argentina is not anything like Mexico and tacos don´t exist here, but we are going to try and do our best to make something riquisimo.

We now finally have some good investigators that are going to get baptized on the 21st of this month...ojalá(hopefully). We are going to do all that we can in our will to dunk these people because it will be the last chance with my comp because traslados will be at the end of this month. I don´t know if I am going to be staying here in Colonia Bombal or leaving. Since both of us came at the same time to the area(washing) it is up in the air. About our investigators though...we have la familia Luna/Silva who have investigated a while ago but have now gained a desire to be better people, Alejandra and her two chicos have a bunch of problems that we need to fix up, but we have a baptismal date for them, Mariela Godoy´s grandma just passed away, she was a former investigator who could never really keep commitments because she had to care for her grandma all the time, her personality kind of reminds me of some of my friends back home, she is pretty funny, another family, the Familia Arce is inactive and has two kids that are not baptized yet, we talked them into going to church with us yesterday. We have a few other investigators that are also doing well. We have a good, successful future lying ahead of us here.

Divisions on friday were pretty fun. I was a bit nervous because they were placing me with an elder that only has one more transfer than me(6 weeks). He is very timid and doesn´t talk very much. So Friday was basically me just going out and chatting it up with everyone. It is weird because I seemed to be a lot more open and talk a lot more when there isn´t really someone that speaks better Spanish than I do. So that was a pretty fun day for me. I was able to look at my progress a bit again of the language and see where I am at. The key is to just keep practicing talking to natives and study the language, because even when you think you are fluent, there is always still things you can learn. That is why you need to be very humble. To receive help from natives, they usually just tell you that what you are doing is wrong and their way is the right way. Sometimes it is tough, but it is really good because I want to improve. Ha.

That is awesome that Kaylee is going to have twins! Wow, there are going to be so many little great-grandchildren runnin around when I get back. Tell her and Kylie congrats. That would be fun if she had two boys, then they could get together with all of Casey´s boys and have a good time...because they are all boy twins. Ha.

It sounds like everything is going pretty good and normal back at home. And it finally snowed! Oh boy, could I sure use some of that here...ha.

I´m not sure if you can really call Mendoza third world, but there are definitely some parts of my area that could be. I am not going to put up pics this week, but next week I probably will.

Thanks for all of the prayers and all. Keep em coming. I hope everyone is enjoying 2012 as it is. Why not enjoy the last 12 months or so of living right? Ha ha.

Con todo mi corazón,(With all my heart)

Elder Larisch

La Iglesia es Verdadera!!!

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