Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

What a great Christmas it was and especially to hear Elder Larischs voice!!  He is doing great and loves the work and the people in Argentina.  The food is quite different and their eating times are very different--he said that he was still getting used to them.   They have breakfast when they wake up and then their lunch is their BIG meal.  He said it contains a lot of food and thats when they usually eat at the members houses and then after their lunch they have a ciesta for some time--he thinks cause it is too hot to do anything else and also, so they can sleep off some of what they ate!  Their dinner time is beween 9 and 10 at night! He said some days they are really hungry and some days they are really full. 
Christmas in Argentina is just one fiesta after another so they have had some fun these past few days!!
He was able to talk to all of us and we spent about an hour and a half with him!  The best present for me was when I heard "I LOVE YOU MOM!" 
My sweet friend Janay gave me this poem and I love it and thought that I would share...grab some tissues first!! 
Click on poem to enlarge
Merry Christmas!!

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