Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Final good-byes and he is OFF...

making sure they made the weight limit

giving one last squeeze to Maggie

Deven got them each an Argentina flag to remenber him by

army of Helaman lined up to greet us

Dev was quite surprised that his dad could lift him up

first thumbs up

and then another thumbs up--even the host gave me one!! I knew then that he will be OK!!

One sad car ride home :-(
Wow, what a day is all I can say!!  The day started out great with all you can eat french toast at Kneaders (a favorite place of Devs) and then home to finish packing.  His arrival time for the mtc was 12:55 p.m.  We left the house around 11:30 and headed to Provo...and ended up at the Provo Temple grounds.  We all got out and took a few pictures and walked around.  There were soo many missionaries there doing the same thing as us, and it helped me to know that they were having the same feelings as we were.  Well, it came time to say our goodbyes and give our last hugs and then some more tears showed up :(  It was hard for me to know what to say because the emotions were so strong, yet I was soo excited for him and this new chapter in his life!! Then we were off to the mtc which is just across the street.  We pulled in and saw all the missionaries in their white shirts--what a sight that was to see--and the minute Dev opened the door they were right there asking him where he was from and where he is going to be serving.  They took his luggage and we gave him a hug and he was off!!  And at that moment I felt half of my heart leave and I knew it wouldn't come back for 2 years!!

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